From $1,000 per month

BRYTER Legal Intake

Cut the Noise

Kickstart your legal service delivery so you can focus on what really matters.

Better execute work

By organizing the intake of legal requests in one, central place, Legal teams can prioritize, automate, and delegate matters with ease.

Ready to go

Measure your go-live in days, not months, with a pre-built solution that requires no complicated, lengthy implementation process.

Start simple

Packages start at just 1,000 / month for unlimited requests and users, ensuring predictability as your team and responsibilities grow.

More than ticketing

Beyond a simple ticketing system, BRYTER’s Legal Intake Solution offers an end-to-end experience for understanding, tracking, and prioritizing your team’s work.

Utilize Data & KPIs

With all your requests in one, digital place, you’ll finally have the data you need to track and analyze work, and the insights to drive improvement and investment.


Augment and enrich your Legal Intake Solution with self-service applications that automatically provide legal advice, decisions, and documents to the business.

The information you need at the click of a button

Provide a simple, self-service request interface to your business partners, collecting all the information you need to get started, and routing it to the right expert automatically.

Matter Management

Say goodbye to losing track of your work with a matter management system that clarifies the nature of requests, who’s responsible, and where it lies in your process.

Matter Deep-dive

Never miss a relevant detail with powerful tools to organize your records, cases, and matters, and custom workflows to resolve everything quickly, according to your process.

Never miss a deadline

Fulfill your commitments with a calendar that presents dates and deadlines in a simple, executable format.

A top-down view

Maintain oversight over your work with a KanBan board that reveals the relevant details and status of work at a glance.

Get the insights you’ve always wanted

When requests are digital, rather than stuck in e-mail threads, you have the data you need to improve the legal function. Available dashboards help visualize and analyze the work your team does, simplifying KPI creation and driving constant improvement and more confident investment.

Make your services self-service

Give your team the tools to scale their services.

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