Use cases

Data Breach


Efficiently manage data breaches

The Data Breach Assistant helps companies assess, document and report potential data breaches.

Data Security
Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs) Generator

Automate your business' legal documentation regarding datatransfers outside the...

VAT IOSS Assessor
IOSS VAT Assessor

The IOSS VAT Assessor helps businesses carrying out cross-border sales of goods and services understand their...

AML UK Assistant

The AML UK Assistant allows law firms to rapidly collate all information necessary to assess the potential...

Corporate representation assessor
SFDR in the UK Assessor

The tool is designed to help UK companies, financial institutions, law firms and funds in assessing whether...

Corporate Rules
Post-Brexit Binding Corporate Rules Generator

The tool is designed to help Law Firms and Corporations automate the certification process of the respective...

Sustainability Linked Loans Checker

The Sustainability Linked Loans Checker is designed to help Corporations, Banks and Financial Institutions...

EU Funds Guide
Post-Brexit Contract Continuity Checker

The Post-Brexit Contract Checker allows for an easy language review of different types of documentation,...

Vendor Due Diligence (VDD) Assistant
Trademark Protection Assistant

The Trademark Protection Assistant automatically evaluates the likelihood of success in opposition...

Traffic light
Return-to-Work after Covid Navigator

Following COVID-19, creating return-to-work strategies that comply with ever changing rules and regulations...

Brexit Commercial Contract Checker
Brexit: Impact on Business Guide

The Brexit: New Business Rules Guide assesses the areas of your business which will be impacted by the new...

Money laundering check for lawyers
ESG Investment Check

The ESG Investment Check helps corporations and financial institutions to navigate regulatory disclosure...

Data Security
Privacy Shield Navigator

The Privacy Shield Navigator provides customized recommendations for businesses to ensure compliance with...

Fiscal Residence Checker
DAC6 Reporting Identification Tool

The DAC6 Reporting Identification Tool facilitates compliance with mandatory reporting obligations of...

ESG Disclosure Regulation Guide

As regulators stress the importance of ESG considerations, the ESG Disclosure Guide assists in determining...

COVID-19 Tax Deferral Guide
Coronavirus Tax Relief Guide

The COVID-19 Tax Deferral Guide automatically identifies the relevant government tax deferral measures for...

Brexit Commercial Contract Checker
Commercial Risks and Contract Checker

The Commercial Risks and Contract Checker automatically identifies potential adverse consequences and risks...

CCPA Employer Guide
CCPA Requirements Guide

The CCPA Requirements Guide automatically assesses whether a business falls within the scope of the...

CCPA Privacy Notice Generator
California Consumer Privacy Act Notice Generator

CCPA Privacy Notice Generator generates privacy notices fully compliant with the California Consumer Privacy...

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