Use cases

Data Breach Assistant


Efficiently manage data breaches

The Data Breach Assistant helps companies assess, document and report potential data breaches.

AIFMD Assessment
AIFMD Assessment Tool

An AIFMD Assessment Tool helps to assess the applicability of the Alternative Investment Fund Managers...

Transaction Signing Assistant

A Transaction Signing Assistant safely navigates law firms through the complex signing process of commercial...

Employee reference generator
Insider Trading Advisor

The Insider Trading Advisor helps individuals who regularly deal with insider information to evaluate their...

Sales Agreement Generator
Sales Agreement T&C Generator

A Sales Agreement T&C Generator lets sales departments draft sales agreements that are up-to-date and in line...

Dawn Raid App
Dawn Raid App

The Dawn Raid App is a compliance tool that guides employees through essential information needed in the...

Vacation Application Tool
Employee Holiday Management

The Employee Holiday Management Software fully automates the application for and approval of vacation days to...

KYC Check Assistant
KYC Assistant

A KYC Assistant allows organizations to rapidly collate all information necessary to assess the potential...

Employee reference generator
Reference Letters Generator

A Reference Letters Generator lets HR departments generate customized employee references efficiently...

Export Compliance Guide
Export Compliance Guide

The Export Compliance Guide allows companies to ensure that their exports of goods comply with all...

Fiscal Residence Checker
Fiscal Residence Checker

The Fiscal Residence Checker helps tax professionals to identify the country where a person’s income is...

VAT Invoice Checker
VAT Checker

The VAT Invoice Checker checks incoming invoices for their legally prescribed content which is a mandatory...

Competitor Meeting Guide
Competitor Meeting Guide

An Competitor Meeting Guide lets users assess whether they are violating any antitrust laws by discussing...

Employee reference generator
Lawsuit Filing Checklist

The Lawsuit Filing Checklist enables litigating lawyers to ensure that all the necessary checks and tasks due...

Directive Advisor
Financial Collateral Directive Advisor

The Financial Collateral Directive Advisor aids parties to a financial transaction in identifying the...

Corporate representation assessor
Power of Attorney Assessor

As a self-serve solution, the Corporate Representation Assessor assists users in determining who can act as...

Gun Jumping Assessor
HR Incident Handler

The HR Incident Management Software is designed to streamline the way your business deals with employee...

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