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Data Breach Assistant


Efficiently manage data breaches

The Data Breach Assistant helps companies assess, document and report potential data breaches.

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Return-to-Work after Covid Navigator

Following COVID-19, creating return-to-work strategies that comply with ever changing rules and regulations...

UK Visa Sponsorship Assistant
UK Visa Assistant

The UK Visa Assistant automates the application process for employers to receive a visa sponsor...

Citizenship Assistant
Citizenship Eligibility Assistant

A Citizenship Assistant is designed to guide citizenship applicants through the complex application...

Visa Application Tool
Immigration Visa Process

An Immigration Visa Process is designed to guide visa applicants through the complex application requirements...

Fire Risk Assessment
Fire Risk Assessment Generator

A Fire Risk Assessment Generator allows businesses to produce customized risk assessment documents for each...

Compliance Checker
Strategic Trade Compliance Checker

The Strategic Trade Compliance Checker automatically determines whether an item is eligible for License...

COVID-19 Guide
Leave of Absence Software

The Leave of Absence Software automatically identifies a company’s obligations and risks related to key...

Employee Onboarding Assistant
Employee Onboarding Assistant

An Employee Onboarding Assistant automates the task of onboarding a new employee during the initial days of...

Accident Investigation Assistant
Bradford Factor Calculator

Based on the theory that short, frequent and unplanned absences prove more disruptive to a business than...

IR35 Contractor
IR35 Contractor Checker

The IR35 Contractor Checker helps to assess the impact of the April 2021 changes to IR35 for companies who...

Employment Contract Generator
Employment Contract Generator

The tool enables HR departments to automatically generate an employment contract, fully compliant with all...

Expenses Reimbursement Tool
Expenses Reimbursement Tool

The Expenses Reimbursement Tool automates the process of filing expenses and claiming reimbursement from...

Accident Investigation Assistant
Accident Investigation Assistant

An Accident Investigation Assistant is designed to provide a quick, thorough and consistent approach for your...

Paid Vacation Calculator
Holiday Entitlement Calculator

The Paid Vacation Calculator automates the task of calculating the number of paid vacation days an employee...

Vacation Application Tool
Employee Holiday Management

The Employee Holiday Management Software fully automates the application for and approval of vacation days to...

Employee reference generator
Reference Letters Generator

A Reference Letters Generator lets HR departments generate customized employee references efficiently...

Gun Jumping Assessor
Employment Verification Letter Generator

The Employment Verification Letter Generator enables HR staff to issue employment verification letters at...

Gun Jumping Assessor
HR Incident Handler

The HR Incident Management Software is designed to streamline the way your business deals with employee...

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