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Data Breach


Efficiently manage data breaches

The Data Breach Assistant helps companies assess, document and report potential data breaches.

COVID-19 Guide
Government Support Guide

The Government Support Guide for businesses helps you as an owner of a business to quickly identify the right...

COVID-19 Guide
Leave of Absence Software

The Leave of Absence Software automatically identifies a company’s obligations and risks related to key...

COVID-19 Guide
Force Majeure Clause Assessor

The Force Majeure Clause Assessor automatically identifies potential adverse consequences, risks with regard...

Virtual Legal Assistant
Virtual Legal Assistant

The Virtual Legal Assistant is a “legal front door” where automated, efficient intake and self-service...

CCPA Consumer Request Verificator
CCPA Privacy Policy Generator

A CCPA Privacy Policy Generator generates privacy notices that are fully compliant with the California...

CCPA Vendor Assessor

A CCPA Vendor Assessor automatically assesses vendors under CCPA compliance. Our CCPA compliance software...

Securitization Regulation Checker

A Securitization Regulation Checker is designed to guide the user through the complex STS requirements to...

Hospitality Advisor
Corporate Compliance Advisor

A Corporate Compliance Advisor helps employees to easily navigate through the company’s policies on gifts...

Negotiation Playbook Automator
Board Minutes Template Generator

A Board Minutes Generator automates the process of recording the minutes of a board meeting of a company....

Corporate representation assessor
Legal Department Feedback Survey

A Customer Satisfaction Survey automates the process of collecting and processing feedback from internal...

Employee Onboarding Assistant
Employee Onboarding Assistant

An Employee Onboarding Assistant automates the task of onboarding a new employee during the initial days of...

Accident Investigation Assistant
Bradford Factor Calculator

Based on the theory that short, frequent and unplanned absences prove more disruptive to a business than...

CCPA Consumer Request Verificator
CCPA Regulations Verificator

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) provides enhanced privacy rights and consumer protection for...

Client Due Diligence (CDD) Tool
Due Diligence Check

A Due Diligence Check allows UK law firms to rapidly collate all information necessary to assess the...

Subject Access Request Assistant
Subject Access Request Assistant

A Subject Access Request Assistant built on BRYTER helps to process requests regarding an individual's...

IR35 Contractor
IR35 Contractor Checker

The IR35 Contractor Checker helps to assess the impact of the April 2021 changes to IR35 for companies who...

Contract Risk Assessor
Contract Risk Assessor

The Contract Risk Assessor provides a risk rating for contracts reviewed or negotiated. By incorporating...

Jurisdiction Assessor
Jurisdiction Assessor

The Jurisdiction Assessor automates the otherwise onerous task of identifying the correct court and venue to...

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