Use cases

Data Breach


Efficiently manage data breaches

The Data Breach Assistant helps companies assess, document and report potential data breaches.

Corporate representation assessor
Business Entity Advisor

The Business Entity Advisor automates the assessment process to determine which type of company best suits a...

Paid Vacation Calculator
Holiday Entitlement Calculator

The Paid Vacation Calculator automates the task of calculating the number of paid vacation days an employee...

NDA Generator
NDA Generator

The NDA Generator lets companies draft NDAs in a fast, transparent and compliant manner by replacing MS...

Case Management Assistant
Case Management Assistant

A Case Management Assistant built on BRYTER allows case handlers to effortlessly determine the timeline and...

AIFMD Assessment
AIFMD Assessment Tool

An AIFMD Assessment Tool helps to assess the applicability of the Alternative Investment Fund Managers...

Transaction Signing Assistant

A Transaction Signing Assistant safely navigates law firms through the complex signing process of commercial...

Senior Executive Classifier
Employee Status Classifier

The Employee Status Classifier automatically assesses an employee’s status in order to determine the...

Whistleblower Pipeline
Whistleblower Pipeline

The Whistle-blower Pipeline enables companies to provide a safe and reliable reporting mechanism for its...

Lease Reviewer
Lease Reviewer

The Lease Reviewer helps expedite the lease review process and standardize the way you report in your...

Employment Contract Generator
Employment Contract Generator

The tool enables HR departments to automatically generate an employment contract, fully compliant with all...

IBOR Transition
LIBOR Transition Platform

The repapering exercise resulting from Benchmark Reform is not only unprecedented in scale but will also...

Data Breach questionnaire and dashboard with graphs
Data Breach Reporting

Generate Data Breach Reporting effortlessly with BRYTER - our tool helps to navigate and document data...

Negotiation Playbook Automator
Playbook Digital Software

The Playbook Digital Software is designed to interactively check your standard corporate terms and rulebooks...

Expenses Reimbursement Tool
Expenses Reimbursement Tool

The Expenses Reimbursement Tool automates the process of filing expenses and claiming reimbursement from...

Accident Investigation Assistant
Accident Investigation Assistant

An Accident Investigation Assistant is designed to provide a quick, thorough and consistent approach for your...

Claim Management Assistant
Claim Management Assistant

A Claim Management Assistant built on BRYTER allows claims handlers to effortlessly determine the timeline of...

Sales Agreement Generator
Sales Agreement T&C Generator

A Sales Agreement T&C Generator lets sales departments draft sales agreements that are up-to-date and in line...

Dawn Raid App
Dawn Raid App

The Dawn Raid App is a compliance tool that guides employees through essential information needed in the...

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