On-demand Demo: Whistleblower Hotline

How to comply with whistleblowing requirements using an automatic, reliable reporting system.

See how fast and easy no-code workflow automation can be, as we demonstrate building a Whistleblower Hotline in 30 minutes.

The demo is best for:

  • Anyone interested in seeing workflow automation in action.
  • Compliance and HR professionals looking for a way to reliably, compliantly, and confidently manage employee complaints.
  • Operations teams in need of the right tools to collect and present data with dashboards that can monitor and display key factors, e.g. the locations of reported incidents, nature of violations (financial or otherwise), departments where violations occur frequently, etc.

What you will learn:

  • How professionals without programming experience build their own applications to automate standardizable services.
  • How BRYTER helps you automatically and confidently manage employee complaints.
  • What an automated compliance application actually looks like.
  • How to get started yourself.
  • Live audience Q&A.

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