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Thousands of apps launched worldwide by leading professional service providers and law firms.

Focus on value added work

Use legal automation software to build self-service apps and respond to frequent requests. Create more time for strategic work.

Accelerate business decisioning

Go from bottleneck to business enabler by making your guidance easily accessible and available to all business departments 24/7.

Drive digital transformation

Automate recurring, manual internal legal processes. Improve communication, reduce legal risk, and increase business agility.

Get started immediately with zero training. Build your own powerful legal tech applications without programming skills, without waiting on IT, at a fraction of the cost using the visual “drag-and-drop” editor.

Achieve outcomes faster with automated legal services

Legal workflow automation

Model and visualise complex decisioning involved with legal and regulatory advice with a powerful logic engine.

Complex document automation

Combine doc assembly with decision automation. Collect information, create documents, trigger approval processes.

Fully tailored templates

Fully customize all workflows and document automation to your company. Upload and use your own templates.

Microsoft Teams integration

Full interoperability with all industry applications, like Microsoft Teams, with out-of-the-box APIs.

Enterprise ready

ISO certified, GDPR compliant, bank grade security and role-based access.

Data and analytics

Track usage, set KPIs and access powerful insights to make data-driven decisions.

How to build with legal automation

Legal services are more than workflows. They involve complex logic and decisions. Combine a powerful decision engine with document automation for a full, end-to-end solution.


Build using an intuitive drag-and-drop editor

Quickly and easily build applications using the intuitive, no-code editor.


Incorporate legal logic

Set legal and business rules and determine workflow logic, fully aligned with your house-style processes. Automate complex workflows, integrate automated actions with the existing information infrastructure, and streamline operations.


Combine with document automation

Combine your legal logic with full complex document automation. Upload templates with your branding, amend directly in Microsoft Word and export in any format. Integrate with your document management system with full APIs and SDKs.

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