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Why tech has the power to make or break your legal department

And how BRYTER can...

In-house legal tech budgets to grow 200% by 2025

Gartner’s latest predictions focus on delivering value through technology and process innovation...

Legal Engineers Meeting
Legal Engineers – the bridge between lawyers, IT and clients

Legal engineers may not yet be pervasive across the legal industry but their role will soon become...

Hunter Gatherer
The modern legal hunter-gatherer’s dilemma

While an anathema to some in the legal profession, productization and commoditization of legal knowledge...

Key legal and compliance predictions in 2021

2021 represents a landmark year for automation, with innovation managers using the impetus of the...

5 Chatbot trends for 2021

Chatbots are taking a more prominent role when it comes to legal and business operations Now in 2021, the use...

Marketing Guide
Gartner’s legal Market Guide highlights the slow road to success

Gartner spent plenty of time in 2020 focusing on the legal tech market, and we look forward to more as 2021...

Use Cases
Top ten use cases of 2020

This year has been a year like no other, and as we head into 2021 we take a look at the top ten ways legal,...

How BRYTER makes waves in Gartner’s new Legal Tech Hype Cycle

See where BRYTER is having an impact on the emerging technologies in Gartner's latest Hype Cycle for Legal...

Cash repatriation
Cash Repatriation Made Easy

Deloitte Legal uses BRYTER technology to create fast track cash repatriation offering...

Law Students
Should Law Students Learn to Code?

Questions like 'will lawyers need to know how to code in the future' are often raised This article looks to...

Top Legal Tech Trends
What are the top Legal Tech trends for 2020 according to Gartner?

In the coming years, corporate legal departments are aiming to increase productivity by reducing response...

Vienna Legal Tech
PwC Legal and BRYTER cooperate to provide clients with automated legal service products

We are glad to announce a collaboration with PwC Legal Europe to use BRYTER no-code automation and rapid...

PwC Legal creates applications for clients with BRYTER

"Rule Keeper" is the first application of PwC Legal providing clients with digital applications for...

People First
People First, Tech Second: How KPMG approaches legal innovation

We began our workshop season with KPMG Law, discussing different ways to scale legal services within...

Freshfields Hackathon
Freshfields Legal Hackathon with BRYTER

The second edition of Freshfields’ Legal Hackathon, with participating corporate partners Audi, SAP, PGIM...

Air Passenger
Air Passenger Rights Machines – The Dawn of Automation of Justice?

German lawmakers demand an automated compensation procedure with flat-rate payments for delayed flights Will...

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