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SKW Schwarz

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are complex business transactions that involve a number of potential pitfalls, ranging from deciding between whether to structure the deal as an asset deal or share deal, to the due diligence and drafting of the term sheet. Detailed strategic planning helps to avoid legal risks and further complications, and now as a result of advancements in legal technology, M&A transactions can be made more efficient and significantly faster.

German law firm, SKW Schwarz, has leveraged years of experience in complex M&A processes to develop an M&A toolbox, using BRYTER’s no-code automation platform.

“These tools support our lawyers in complex data protection law processes. The Legal Intake workflow is used as a reporting tool to report data breaches at a large international company,” explains Dr. Stephan Morsch, partner and head of the Corporate Law and M&A Department at SKW Schwarz, who has been advising domestic and foreign companies, as well as financial investors on M&A transactions for many years.

SKW Schwarz uses BRYTER’s no-code platform not only to automate legal processes, but also to further develop its own solutions for specific legal products. “By using no-code software, we can ensure a particularly high degree of individuality and flexibility for our clients”, says Stephan Morsch, “We can develop industry-specific solutions that meet the demand for digital legal advice and at the same time meet the needs of the respective company”.

The M&A Toolbox was designed for clients who are inexperienced with M&A transactions, and as potential buyers or sellers of a company, they want to obtain both a quick and digestible overview of the M&A process, while also being well-founded and individually tailored. The tool therefore depicts essential elements of an M&A deal from the perspective of the buyer or seller. A checklist acts as a compass for the upcoming procedure of a share deal. After answering all questions, users can download their individual checklist in PDF or MS Word format.

Dr. Stephan Morsch: “The tool draws the attention of the buyer and the seller to the many individual process steps that are often forgotten at the beginning of a transaction. It also helps with planning and shows which stakeholders need to be involved in the M&A process”. The M&A Tool by BRYTER and SKW Schwarz was built from the perspective of German law. However, since M&A processes in different countries are often comparable, it can also be used for international transaction projects.

In Dr Morsch’s opinion, the additional effort of careful preparation ultimately pays off in every transaction – whether through lower costs in the subsequent M&A process, a faster, uninterrupted deal timeline or, for the seller, even a higher purchase price. “The combination of legal experience and technical tools brings real added value for the respective buyer or seller”.

Dr. Stephan Morsch

Dr. Stephan Morsch advises domestic and foreign companies and financial investors in the fields of M&A, private equity/venture capital investments, joint ventures and corporate law. His clients are especially companies from the media, technology, automotive, energy, health care and capital goods industries as well as funds and family offices.

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