Power of AI. Precision of Workflows.

Make Legal and Compliance more efficient with AI workflow automation.

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Get the best of both worlds

Leverage the power of AI with the precision and control you need for legal and regulatory use cases.

Be more productive

Automate manual, time-consuming workflows to save time and reduce cost.

Customizable solutions

Out-of-the-box solutions you can easily tailor to meet your company’s unique needs.

Two solutions to scale your services

Create efficiencies and make services accessible to business partners with BRYTER’s AI Agents and No-code Platform.

AI Agents New

Use Expert Agents to save your team time: from replying to recurring questions and drafting email replies to research and audits.

No-code Platform

Automate your time-consuming processes with the no-code platform that combines the power of AI with the control of a rule engine.

Use AI for your most standardized work.

  • Upload documents and use AI to extract key terms to review.
  • Use AI Agents to respond to requests from commercial teams faster.

Advanced document automation

Automate the entire process from drafting to

  • Generate any document with a powerful, versatile editor, from a single MSA to thousands of lease agreements.
  • Create documents at any point in your workflow.
  • Connect to your system of record or DMS with out-of-the box integrations including Sharepoint and Salesforce.

Streamline signatory and approval workflows

Simplify complex business processes.

  • Turn procurement, onboarding and compliance workflows into digital applications.
  • Build bespoke signatory and approval workflows that reflect your organization’s unique processes.
  • Trigger approval workflows from anywhere: another workflow, AI Agents or anywhere in your organization.

Intake, triage and track requests with a Legal and Compliance Front Door.

  • Route all requests to one central location.
  • Integrate with MS Teams, Slack, and your email inbox.
  • Track usage to make data-driven decisions on where to invest.


BRYTER customers save 90% of time

A study from Forrester Consulting shows BRYTER users stand to see an ROI of 368%, a reduction of 90% of time spent on repetitive tasks, and reduced legal and compliance risk.

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