The no-code service automation platform

Easily build digital solutions to automate complex services, without coding.

Everything you need to go from service to self-service

Truly no-code

Build without programming using the intuitive, visual “drag-and-drop” no-code editor.

Enterprise ready

ISO certified, GDPR compliant, bank grade security and role-based access.

Data and analytics

Track usage, set KPIs and access powerful insights to make data-driven decisions.

Industry integrations

Full interoperability with all industry applications and databases with out-of-the-box APIs.

Complex decisioning

A powerful business rule engine. Apply logic, generate actions and leverage integrations.

Document automation

Full doc assembly capabilities, combined with automated decisioning.

Build self-service applications

Turn any service into a self-service application. Collect information, process through your business reasoning and define deliverables. From idea to prototype in minutes, not months.



Build fast with an intuitive, visual editor. Collect information from users or databases.

Everything you need

Everything you need

Apply business logic. Full range of actions needed.



Go live in one click. Generate documents and publish in any environment.

Create documents quickly

Create documents quickly and easily

Turn any text into an application that allows you to automatically create any document, template and email.

  • Upload templates with your branding and style.
  • Create templates in Microsoft Word with the MS Word Add-in.
  • Export documents in any format: Word, PDF, email.
  • Integrate with your document management system.
BRYTER Workflows

Incorporate business decisions in workflows

Enterprise services are more than workflows. They involve complex logic and decisions.

  • Automate complex decisioning
  • Create scoring systems
  • Manage business rules

Unlimited building power

No limit to what you can build with full APIs and SDKs.

Code integrations

Code integrations

Customize no-code applications.


Rapidly prototype

Build, test and go live. Publish in one click.


APIs and SDKs

Easily integrate with BRYTER.

All the integrations you need

The enterprise toolbox

We know the needs of enterprises and professional consultancies and offer a feature-rich platform to deliver automation in a modern professional environment.

Audit logs and versioning

Multiple deployment options

SSO & role-based access control

24h services and support

Dedicated customer success


Make your services self-service

Give your team the tools to scale their services.

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