Build digital solutions faster

The only enterprise application development platform built specifically for legal, compliance, and procurement work

development platform

BRYTER has everything developers need to make legal, compliance, and procurement expertise available digitally.

Easily collaborate with subject matter experts

Bridge the gap between software developers and domain experts with a platform designed specifically for this collaboration.

All the functionality you need to go digital

Combine pre-built, fully customizable components like conditional decisions, risk scoring, and notifications to solve common problems, the way you want to.

Pre-built templates to show the way

Don’t know where to begin? Get started immediately with some of the most popular legal and compliance applications. Simply configure them to your business needs.

01 Intake and Interact

Dynamically intake, interact with, and deliver information.

02 Apply Rules and Decisions

Apply expert reasoning to automate processes and make decisions.

03 Perform Actions

Generate documents, provide answers, trigger approvals, and manage content.

04 Manage and Analyse

Track usage and access powerful insights to make data-driven strategic decisions.


Make know-how available
on-demand, 24/7

Self-service experiences

Intake requests and deliver information to users in a dynamic, interactive way.

Communicate across channels

Embed apps where people work – from your intranet to MS Teams and Salesforce.

Pre-built Integrations with your data sources

Integrate your apps directly with your existing databases and records.

apply rules and decisions

Save time by automating everything
that can be standardized

Apply expert reasoning to digital processes

Take legal reasoning and translate it into the rule logic for your applications.

“It depends” — automated

Move the data collected through your decision tree. Define pathways, apply risk scoring, and deliver advice.

perform actions

Deliver answers, documents, and decisions automatically.

Automate documents

Automatically create contracts and reports, customized to each request, with your company branding.

Trigger emails and approvals

Send e-mails and trigger actions when processes are done, decisions are made, or documents are ready.

Automate processes end-to-end

Pull from a database to generate contracts, push them DocuSign for e-signature, store them within your existing systems, and more.


Track all data in one place to drive continuous improvement

Case and matter management

A central place where work can be understood and prioritized.

A single source of content truth

Manage your content or connect to an existing content management system like SharePoint.

Readily available insights

Take the guesswork out of process improvement with actionable data and clear insights — all in one place.

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