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Why learn to build

Digital certification

After completing our online training and passing an online assessment you will receive an official BRYTER Academy Certification.

Enhance your CV

Stand out from the crowd. There is a huge demand among professional service providers for employees trained in no-code automation.

Hands on tech experience

Cut through all the hype and get hands-on, practical experience building digital solutions using market-leading no-code automation technology.

Sam Moore

Case Study

Educating future legal engineers and trainees

BRYTER Academy provided 50 students with hands-on experience building with BRYTER as part of the the Legal Innovation and Technology module of the Diploma in Scots Law.

Turn ideas into tangible digital products

Get creative. There are no limits to what you can build with BRYTER. Turn your ideas into real, digital solutions.

What you get with BRYTER Academy

Build actual digital products

Build real automated services. Don’t just learn about the theory of digital transformation, build and see it for yourself.

Interactive online training

Access our interactive learning materials including videos, quizzes, our help centre and the BRYTER support team.


Get a digital social media badge to display and join a community of certified BRYTER Engineers.


Organize a hackathon with your firm or university society to get hands on experience building in a fun and engaging environment.

Free access

Get access to the BRYTER platform, training resources, certification and the digital badge free of charge.

Digital certification

Become a certified BRYTER Legal Engineer, get an official certification and enhance your CV in the competitive market.

BRYTER Academy in action

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Hackathon winners announced

Participants joined the hackathon that took place virtually at the University of Oxford.

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Enabling students at the Law School to turn their ideas into tangible digital products.

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4 prototypes built to solve real client problems by 22 students in 24 hours.

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Educating future legal engineers and trainees at the University of Glasgow.

Become a certified BRYTER Engineer

Learn how to build digital solutions without any programming skills. Sign up to get certified.

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