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368% ROI: Read Forrester’s Independent Study on BRYTER

A new study from Forrester Consulting shows BRYTER users stand to see an ROI of 368%, a reduction of 90% of time spent on repetitive tasks, and reduced legal and compliance risk.

AI and Automation in Fund Management

Discover how AI and automation can revolutionize fund management in law firms, reducing non-billable hours and boosting profitability.

An abstract, minimalist illustration of a long corridor with a series of evenly spaced, square-shaped columns and arches creating a vanishing point perspective. The entire scene is rendered in a monochromatic white, giving it a clean, sterile appearance that evokes the precision and orderliness associated with enterprise compliance. The repetitive structure suggests a systematic approach to regulations and standards in a corporate setting.
What is Enterprise Compliance?

Managing Enterprise Compliance: A Comprehensive Guide to Navigating Regulations, Avoiding Fines, and Emerging...

A black and white photo of a train platform edge with the warning text "MIND THE GAP" stenciled onto the surface, serving as a metaphor for the vigilance needed in compliance gap analysis to address potential risks and ensure safety and adherence to regulations.
How to Perform a Compliance Gap Analysis

The reality in which your business operates changes: new regulations, shifts in business strategy, changes to...

Three large, white satellite dishes against a cloudy sky, representing advanced technology for compliance monitoring.
What is Compliance Monitoring, and Why is it Important?

Maintaining organizational integrity and resilience hinges upon effective compliance monitoring....

3D illustration of a complex white maze, symbolizing the intricate challenges and pathways of a corporate compliance program.
How to Create an Effective Corporate Compliance Program

Compliance regulations and laws are ever-changing. In the past year alone, we’ve seen the introduction of...

A close-up view of a partially completed jigsaw puzzle in monochromatic blue tones, with a few pieces disconnected, highlighting the concept of putting together an effective compliance management system.
What is a Compliance Management System?

Compliance teams are tasked with ensuring the business - from employees to dealings with third parties -...

Image showing a priority lane at an airport indicating the top compliance priorities for 2024
5 Key Trends in Risk and Compliance in 2024

Working out where to prioritize in 2024 is a challenge every Compliance Leader is grappling with. Here, we...

The image shows a modern library with multiple levels of white bookshelves filled with books. There are several staircases connecting the different floors, and the library's design is clean and minimalist, with a monochromatic color scheme. In the center, a person is seen browsing the books, and there are seating areas with gray couches scattered throughout. The overall atmosphere is quiet and studious, with a focus on the geometric alignment of shelves and stairs.
How AI Will Play a Critical Role in Compliance, Governance, and Risk

In the ever-turbulent world of compliance, where the mesh of complexity can often feel stifling, the...

This image depicts an architectural detail featuring a complex of interlacing staircases within a building. The staircases are constructed of metal and painted white, contrasting with the darker hue of the stair treads. The perspective is from a high angle, looking down on the staircases which crisscross and connect at various levels, creating a visually striking pattern of lines and shadows. The overall effect is one of a modern, geometric aesthetic with a monochrome color scheme.
What is Compliance Automation?

Compliance automation is the process of leveraging technology, especially artificial intelligence (AI), to...

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Workflow Automation Trending with US Law Firms

We share our insights from two days spent at the Legaltech Hub and EY Automation Conference in Hoboken, New...

What is Matter Management? A Guide for In-House Legal

We clarify the must-knows about matter management, outline its importance in the corporate legal landscape,...

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