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BRYTER Open is our tech for good program. We offer non-profits, NGOS, and academic institutions free access to our platform and expertise to scale their missions, increase their reach, and amplify their impact.
Supporting the community has always been a key part of our vision and we are proud to fuel the tech for good movement. Through BRYTER Open, mission-driven organizations can create powerful digital tools and applications that digitize their knowledge and increase access to justice.

Do more with your resources

Scale your oganization. Create efficient triage and self-service tools to deliver agile services, allowing you to better meet the growing needs of your organization.

Provide a tailored service

Build bespoke workflows to direct people using your services to exactly the information they need, providing guidance along the way.

Improve accessibility

Make information more accessible and available 24/7 with self-service, on-demand applications. Accessible anywhere, on any device.

Case study

European Lawyers in Lesvos

Find out how European Lawyers in Lesvos automates manual tasks, internal processes and oversight functions to help more asylum seekers access legal advice.


Case study

ELSA Germany

Read about the way ELSA Germany improved internal processes with no-code to enable the transfer of legal knowledge to each new generation of students.

Everything you need to create self-service applications

Automate complex scenarios

Model complex decisioning associated with legal and regulatory advice with a powerful logic engine.

Document automation

Full doc assembly functionality. Easily create templates with the Microsoft Word Add-In and export in any format.

Free access

Get access to our powerful platform, online training and help centre materials to automate your services, free of charge.

Build quickly and easily

Build quickly with role-based access, audit logs and bank-grade security. BRYTER is GDPR compliant and ISO certified.

Fully customizable

Build applications to reflect your organization’s unique policies, processes, and approach to consumers.

Data and analytics

Track usage and access powerful insights to take a data-driven approach to business decisions.

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BRYTER Open, free of charge

BRYTER Open, our tech for good program, gives non-profits, NGOs and academic institutions the power of our platform for free.


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