Virtual Legal Assistant

Effectively manage incoming requests and track KPIs

The Virtual Legal Assistant is a “legal front door” where automated, efficient intake and self-service tools enable legal departments to deliver agile legal services, allowing you to better meet the growing needs of your organization.

The aim is to change internal perceptions by delivering essential legal services quickly and efficiently, positioning your team as a valuable facilitator. Additionally, the Virtual Legal Assistant enables legal departments to measure KPIs and thereby obtain valuable insights into the type, source, and frequency of incoming legal requests. 


Legal departments are constantly approached through different channels (e.g. email, telephone, etc.) with requests for legal advice. While many of these enquiries concern ongoing projects and transactions where new legal issues arise, there are also many recurring enquiries which do not require case-by-case consideration.  

However, in the lack of a standardized process for handling such repetitive legal requests, all of them require a certain amount of work and time for their manual processing and thus tie up valuable resources in the legal department. Furthermore, handling legal requests in such a manual way makes it difficult to measure them against quantitative and qualitative criteria and to assess them against the KPIs of the legal department. 

The 2021 EY Law Survey found that one fifth of in-house legal counsels’ time is spent on this type of requests. And according to the same study, the amount of workload for legal teams will rise 25% by 2024 while the number of staff in legal teams will only inch up 3%.  

Besides, as these repetitive requests take up a significant part of legal counsel’s time, they affect employee morale, as reported by 47% of legal department leads. When this is coupled with the fact that already 76% of legal teams find it difficult to manage the existing workload, finding a scalable way to automate these repetitive requests becomes imperative. 

With BRYTER, legal departments can build their own Virtual Legal Assistant which is tailored to reflect their processes and service level. Through a customizable and interactive interface, employees in specialist departments can enter the key data of their legal request. This makes it possible to collect all necessary information before the legal request even reaches the legal department and thus makes queries about missing information superfluous.  

Furthermore, standard legal requests for which there is already a self-service app in place (e.g. an NDA Generator) can directly be automated by pointing the user to the respective self-service tool. All incoming legal requests and their metrics are tracked automatically, e.g. along with their frequency, type and origin, to give a transparent insight into different types of enquiries and problem areas of the business in real time. The Virtual Legal Assistant can be embedded into the company’s existing IT infrastructure (e.g. SharePoint or MS Teams) to make it available exactly where the employees need it. 

Book a demo to find out how BRYTER can help you streamline your services. Or if you’re still researching how to improve your processes, check out our No-Code Automation for Law Firms and Workflow Automation for Legal Ops guides.


Automated & standardized

Build a clear, consistent process for managing legal intake and assigning service requests. Standardize the process with a configurable workflow, that directs intake to the right resources and provides status updates to business users.

Faster execution

Save up to 90% of time allocating resources and providing legal services. Improve response and cycle times, enhancing your performance. Free up time to focus on the most valuable matters.

Transparent overview

Create a complete record and audit trail of legal demand across your organization. Track legal request metrics, spot risks and problem areas of the business in real time and plan team resources accordingly.


Empower people across your organization to access legal know-how, playbooks, checklists, guidance and other knowledge assets seamlessly.

Highly customizable

Every application built on BRYTER is customizable. The Virtual Legal Assistant Tool may reflect your company’s unique policies, processes and risk treatments. The unique BRYTER Platform gives unparalleled opportunities for customization.

How it works


Collect information

Through a customizable and user-friendly interactive questionnaire, all relevant data regarding the legal request is collected and processed. All necessary data and information can be collected during the initial request in a scenario-based manner, which makes follow-up request for missing information superfluous.


Handle requests

All collected data and information regarding the legal request is automatically forwarded to the legal department and assigned to the competent legal counsel. If a self-service tool exists for the legal request (e.g. an NDA Generator), the employee is directly pointed towards such tool.


Record KPIs

Through a customizable dashboard, a transparent insight into the frequency, type and source of legal requests within the company can be gained. This allows to record KPIs and to spot legal risks for the business even before they materialize.

Make your services self-service

Give your team the tools to scale their services.

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