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NDA Generator

The NDA Generator lets companies draft NDAs in a fast, transparent and compliant manner by replacing MS Word-based processes and allowing users to self-serve.

The NDA Generator lets companies draft NDAs in a fast, transparent and compliant manner. It replaces MS Word-based processes and allows users to customize the agreement to suit their needs. The tool saves time for both the legal department and the business users by reducing the amount of requests that the legal department receives in relation to NDAs and providing a self-serve solution for business users. The legal department maintains full control over the generated NDA content to ensure compliance with legal and internal requirements. Generated NDAs are automatically stored in a company’s central database, creating a seamless workflow.


Companies frequently need to draft NDAs to enter into new partnerships, onboard new employees or engage third parties to work on sensitive matters. However, the process of generating and signing these documents can be burdensome for everyone involved. Employees often need to reach out to the legal department to request templates or receive guidance for tailored agreements. Without standardized processes in place that substitute manual workflows, business users run the risk of using outdated templates or drafting erroneous agreements manually.  

With BRYTER, legal departments can set up an automated workflow to generate NDAs. Using the tool, legal teams specify the logic for different scenarios of NDAs and upload the company’s custom templates to ensure the output looks exactly as if it were drafted in the conventional way. The user is guided through an interactive questionnaire that collects all the necessary information to compose a complete NDA. Based on these answers, the tool determines the correct template and applicable contractual clauses to be inserted in the NDA and within a few clicks a complete NDA is drafted. The NDA Generator can be integrated with e-signing tools such as DocuSign to provide a seamless end-to-end contract workflow.  


Automated & standardized

The NDA Generator lets business users draft compliant NDAs on a self-serve basis. The legal department maintains full control over the NDA content and can ensure a consistent workflow throughout the business.

Faster execution

The entire process of drafting and signing an NDA is achieved at a fraction of the time it would take to do it manually. Since the need to consult the legal department is removed, the tools saves effort and time for all parties without compromising the quality of the NDAs.

Centralized audit trail

Within the NDA Generator, all relevant steps, actions and clauses are tracked and documented in a centralized audit trail. This allows businesses to document a fully compliant drafting process.


The NDA Generator can easily be integrated into an existing IT infrastructure and other tools such as DocuSign.

Highly customizable

Every application built on BRYTER is customizable. The NDA Generator accommodates custom templates and ensures that the final output exactly reflects the house-style.

How it works


Design templates

The legal department determines the logical flow of the application and uploads approved templates onto the NDA Generator.


Generate agreements

The user of the NDA Generator can access it via the company’s intranet and is able to generate legally approved drafts without the need to consult the legal department. Through a customizable, user-friendly and interactive questionnaire, all relevant data is collected from the user via the process designed by the legal department. The drafting process can be intertwined with other processes (email, DocuSign) to streamline the NDA generation process.


Monitor users

A dashboard provides the legal department with an overview of all generated NDAs and the risks associated with them, while the contracts themselves are generated independently by users. The legal department has full control over the templates that can be accessed by users and is able to track the version used for each generated NDA.

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