Automate the risk-assessment, remediation and contract migration process.

Automate large scale document repapering

Faster execution

Reduce time spent using the BRYTER logic and decision layer paired with contract analysis tools.

Full flexibility

Customisable repapering automation can be either used as an end-to-end solution or plugged into any part of your process and tech stack.

Improve oversight

Centralized audit trails enable you to access real-time insights and an accurate overview of the project’s status.

Everything you need for repapering projects

Document automation

Full doc assembly functionality. Easily create templates with the Microsoft Word Add-In and export in any format.

Automated analysis

Combine contract analysis tools like Kira, Luminance, RAVN, Seal, eBrevia, and more, with BRYER’s powerful logic and rules editor.

Centralized audit trail

Track all the relevant repapering steps, actions, and clause changes in a central location with a full audit trail.

Standardize and automate

Assess high volumes of contracts through a standardized process. Create consistent documentation and structure.

Data and analytics

Track progress and access powerful insights to take a data-driven approach to planning the repapering process.

Easily accessible

Easily integrate with existing IT infrastructure, such as SharePoint or Microsoft Teams for ease of access.

Make your services self-service

Give your team the tools to scale their services.

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