Accelerate procurement with automation

Easily build user-friendly procurement software that increases engagement with business users, vendors, and suppliers — all while minimizing risk.

Why procurement teams love BRYTER 

compliance easy 

With dynamic self-service applications, ensure the business adopts procurement rules, regulations, and policies. Automatically detect and report any irregularities.

Keep digitization in procurement

Digitize the entire process yourself, without relying on central IT – from RFPs to onboarding vendors, maintaining renewals, and creating updated handbooks for internal and external stakeholders.

Don’t be left in the dark

Gain full control and oversight of your purchasing processes. Track usage for the full picture of your procurement department to avoid errors, reduce risk, provide audit transparency, and find opportunities to reduce costs.

We use BRYTER to get the information we need from business units to the legal and procurement teams in a fast and efficient way.

Manfred Schick General Counsel, ING Bank DACH

The ROI on using BRYTER is enormous. We saved 95% of time previously spent on manual work.

Arjen Schuiling Senior Manager, Global Legal & Compliance Operations, TD SYNNEX

The business gets access to what they are looking for within a very short timeframe.

Stefan Wilke Legal Counsel, GEA’s Group Legal Department


368% ROI for procurement teams

An independent study conducted by Forrester and commissioned by BRYTER shows a 368% ROI for our customers, plus a 90% reduction in repetitive, low-value work. Learn all about the proven benefits of BRYTER for procurement teams in the full study.

One platform to do it all

Pre-built, fully customizable applications  

Quickly get started with a library of pre-built templates. Customize them to your company’s unique processes and adapt them as needed to shifting regulations and company policies. 

Procurement workflow automation

Visually define how you solve a problem and BRYTER turns that into an app. Generate actions, trigger approvals, and move work from person to person as your process demands. 

A better way to deliver guidance

Make guidance available on-demand, integrated into whatever environment your business requires. Deliver the right answer to business users, every time and everywhere they need it. 

Decision automation 

Easily define the criteria that are used to provide the business or your vendors with the right answers, or to escalate a unique case to an expert. 

Integration with your existing tools

Minimize manual work and make the most of existing investments by working seamlessly across all software. For example: Automatically pull content from SharePoint to generate a contract in Word, and then make it available on DocuSign. 

Complex document automation  

Automatically create custom, compliant documents, delivered right to your requestors in the business or externally — like NDAs, Service Agreements, and RFPs.

Hundreds of use cases for procurement departments 

Automate workflows, build self-service applications, and digitize procurement.   

NDA Generator

NDA Generator

The NDA Generator lets companies draft NDAs in a fast, transparent and compliant manner by replacing MS…

Vendor Due Diligence (VDD) Assistant

Vendor Due Diligence Assistant

A Vendor Due Diligence Assistant automatically assesses vendors against regulatory requirements and internal…

Commercial Contract DD Assistant

Commercial Contract Due Diligence Assistant

The Commercial Contract Due Diligence Assistant helps expedite the contract due diligence process and…

Corporate Compliance Advisor

A Corporate Compliance Advisor helps employees to easily navigate through the company’s policies on gifts…

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