Corporate Compliance Advisor

Allow employees to quickly understand gift and hospitality rules

A Corporate Compliance Advisor helps employees to easily navigate through the company’s policies on gifts and hospitality.

Replacing paper-based checklists and guidelines, an interactive dialog allows employees to quickly determine compliant behavior. The tool returns a result to the employee which instructs him or her on what to do in a given situation. If desired, a dashboard may be set up to track key factors such as the nature and value of gifts or the number of gifts accepted or rejected over a given time period.


Companies have strict policies in place that determine the type of gifts and level of hospitality that may be accepted by its employees. These policies are often lengthy and difficult to navigate which makes them unfit for situations where employees have to make a quick assessment on whether or not to accept a gift or invitation.

With BRYTER, companies can build an interactive application that navigates the employee through these policies. The employee is guided through a questionnaire that, based on the given inputs, is able to determine the applicable policies. As a result, the employee receives clear instructions on whether or not to accept a gift or invitation. The responsible manager or department is notified of the result and able to track the type and amount of gifts and invitations assessed. The open architecture of our risk and compliance platform enables companies to easily adjust and expand the application to reflect updated policies.


Automated & standardized

The Gift and Hospitality Advisor allows employees to make quick assessments that comply with the company’s standardized policies and ensures consistency across the business.

Quicker & actionable results

The Gift and Hospitality Advisor provides the user with clear instructions and reduces the need for in-person consultations.

Centralized audit trail

The Gift and Hospitality Advisor collects and compiles all relevant input data, such as client name and gift value. This data is tracked in a centralized audit trail to document compliant behavior.


The Gift and Hospitality Advisor can easily be integrated into an existing IT infrastructure and is available on mobile devices.

Highly customizable

As every application built on BRYTER is customizable, the Gift and Hospitality Advisor may reflect a company’s unique policies, processes and codes of conduct.

How it works


Identify situations

Through a customizable and interactive questionnaire all relevant data is collected and processed which allows employees to assess a wide range of situations.


Receive instructions

Based on the user’s inputs, the tool determines the applicable policies and provides the user with clear instructions on whether to accept or reject a gift or invitation which are accessible via mobile app and email. If further assessment is required due to specific circumstances, the user is able to escalate the matter to a person of higher authority for approval.


Get insights

A dashboard enables the company to keep track of gifts and invitations offered to employees. It provides an overview of all assessments conducted by the Gift and Hospitality Advisor along with trends related to the type of gifts offered and the clients making the highest number of offers.

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