Proactively manage risk with compliance automation

Turn expert compliance knowledge into interactive self-service tools. Increase engagement with business users and minimize risk — all while getting more done in less time.

Why compliance teams love BRYTER

compliance easy 

Turn long, static company policy documents into interactive, self-service applications integrated into your business users’ environments.

Quickly adapt to changing policies 

Own the building and maintenance of software yourself, without extensive IT involvement. Easily update applications when policies or regulations change.

Get data-driven insights 

Improve transparency and documentation. Access and collate data from across multiple platforms in one solution for easy data collection and reporting.

We have increased the flow of information, raised the quality level of our reporting, and gained the confidence to know the house is clean and we can rely on our programs.

Dominik Waszczynski Head of Global Compliance, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics

It is simply not enough for policies to exist – they must be accessible and easily actionable. This is where BRYTER helps.

Arjen Schuiling Senior Manager, Global Legal & Compliance Operations, TD SYNNEX

The business gets access to what they are looking for within a very short timeframe.

Stefan Wilke Legal Counsel, GEA’s Group Legal Department


Nobody Reads Your Policies

Learn how AI will help you bring your policies to life and reduce the risk of non-compliance.

One platform to do it all

A better way to deliver guidance

Make guidance available on-demand on your company intranet, Salesforce, and other environments. Deliver the right answer to business users, every time and everywhere they need it. 

Compliance workflow automation

Visually define how you solve a problem and BRYTER turns that into an app. Generate actions, trigger approvals, and move work from person to person as your process demands. 

Decision automation 

Easily define the criteria that are used to provide the business with the right answers or to escalate a unique case to an expert. 

Data collection, reporting,
and document automation

Stop chasing down data manually. Automate data collection and generate live reports and documents with the click of a button. 

Award-winning customer support

Ranked top-of-class by Gartner and G2 peer reviews for customer support and ease of use. 

Pre-built, fully customizable applications  

Quickly get started with a library of pre-built templates. Customize them to your company’s unique processes, and adapt them as needed to shifting regulations and company policies. 

Hundreds of use cases for compliance departments

Automate workflows, build self-service applications, and digitize compliance policies. Our library of pre-built application templates makes it easy to get started. 

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Yes, BRYTER integrates with that.

Make it easier for employees to be compliant. 

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