Onboarding automation

Automate client, supplier and employee onboarding processes

End-to-end onboarding workflows

Scale your team

Automate the manual, recurring steps of onboarding, freeing up time to spend on more complex work.

Onboard faster

Build fully customizable workflows to automate your processes. Collect information, assess risk, generate documents.

Provide a better experience

Create simple to use apps that are available 24/7 and directly cater to the specific onboarding experience.

Make your services self-service

Create new relationships faster

Automate tasks, risk assessments and documents to enter into new relationships faster.

End-to-end workflow

Incorporate features ranging from document upload to integrations with other platforms and databases, such as identity verification services.

Easily accessible

Integrate with existing IT infrastructure, such as SharePoint or Microsoft Teams for ease of access. Create a better experience for the vendor or client.

Track Progress

Visualize and filter existing onboarding processes. Use status bar indication to track individual onboarding progress in real-time.

Centralized audit trail

Collect all the answers provided during the individual onboarding steps and uploaded supporting documents in one centralized audit trail.

Highly customizable

Every onboarding application is customizable to reflect your company’s unique policies, processes, and risk treatments.

Make your services self-service

Give your team the tools to scale their services.

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