Document automation

Easily build your own document generators

Create documents quickly and easily

Save time

Save time creating and reviewing standard documents. Enable colleagues to create their own documents with self-service tools.

Execute faster

Use existing data such as customer information to automate the generation of multiple contracts at the same time in one seamless process.

Build quickly and easily

Empower your team to build powerful document generators without programming skills or IT. Customise to your branding and templates.

Everything you need for document automation

Create templates in Microsoft Word

Use the MS Word Add-in to create templates where you work. Integrate with your document management system.

Your branding and style

Easily upload your custom templates and ensure that the final document output exactly reflects the required format every time.

Streamline Execution

Connect documents generated to DocuSign to create a paperless execution process. Export in any format: MS Word, PDF or email.

Centralized audit trail

Track all the relevant steps, actions, and clauses during the document drafting process in a centralized audit trail.

Better customer experience

Ensure an unmatched user experience, allowing everyone to generate documents with ease.

Increase efficiency

Create a wide range of business documents in a fraction of the time. Reduce time spent on creating and reviewing standard documents.

Make your services self-service

Give your team the tools to scale their services.

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