Gifts and Entertainment Compliance Software

Make it easier for employees to comply with your policies and get full visibility of all requests and approvals

The end-to-end anti-bribery management system

AI Chatbot

Approval Workflows

Declaration dashboard

Employees get instant answers to gift and entertainment questions based on your policies, 24/7.

Trigger customizable approval workflows based on your specific business requirements.

Get full visibility of all declarations and approvals in one central place. Easily prepare reports and audits.

Get data-driven insights on where requests are coming from and trending topics.

Create a culture of compliance 

Improve employee compliance

Make it easier for employees to get answers to gift and entertainment questions and request approvals through an AI-powered compliance chatbot – available in MS Teams and Slack.

Ensure approvals comply with policies

Better manage risk by making it easier to declare and approve transactions. Improve productivity across the organization by automating manual approval workflows. 

Reduce the risk of human error

Stop relying on back-and-forth emails, spreadsheets, etc. Centralize all gift and entertainment processes in one place to better manage risk.

Make reporting and audits easier

Save time on reporting and audits. All requests and approvals are automatically tracked with a full audit log of every declaration.

Trusted globally

Why BRYTER is the best way to manage gift and entertainment processes

Customizable approval workflows

  • Out-of-the-box customizable approval workflows to meet your specific risk levels and business needs.
  • Fast time to value. Get started immediately without needing to IT resource.
  • Send e-mails and trigger actions when a request has been made or approved.

Policies at your employees’ fingertips

  • Give employees instant answers, 24/7, to questions on gift and entertainment based on your policies with Policy AI. Available in MS Teams, Slack or your inbox automatically.
  • Our proprietary AI Agents are trained to understand compliance giving you unmatched quality of answers vs generic tools like GPT or Copilot.
  • Our Safeguard Agents can be trained on your specific requirements like hierarchies, applicability of policies across entities or geos or consistency and completeness of answers.

Analytics and dashboards

  • Make conflict of interest and anti-bribery and corruption reporting and documentation easier.
  • All requests and approvals are automatically tracked with a full audit log of every declaration.
  • Track where requests are coming from to help you decide where to invest more resource.

Features designed to help you manage risk

Customizable approach

Your company’s conflict of interest and gifts & entertainment policies are specific to your risk levels. Easily customize workflows to meet your business requirements.

User friendly design

BRYTER solutions are the result of years of user research on what makes a compliance product people will actually use.

Role based access

Restrict permissions based on roles to mirror your policies and notify relevant persons for approvals. Tailor views and access.

Enterprise grade security

We are SOC 2 Type II and ISO27001 certified. Your policies never leave our own cloud infrastructure on AWS.

Award-winning customer support

BRYTER is ranked top-of-class by Gartner and G2 peer reviews for customer support and ease of use.

Automated email reminders

Automatically generate emails to relevant approvals as part of your gift and entertainment workflow.

Create a frictionless gift and entertainment process

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