Employee Onboarding Assistant

Automate the onboarding of a new employee during the initial days of employment

Employee Onboarding Assistant

An Employee Onboarding Assistant automates the task of onboarding a new employee during the initial days of employment.

Every newly hired employee undergoes an onboarding process with the HR department. This routine process is important but can be time consuming.

With BRYTER, companies can build a user-friendly, self-serving onboarding tool that can be used by new employees to onboard themselves via our HR automation tool. The user is guided through the various onboarding processes and steps, including document submissions, user registrations, etc. ensuring that all the important onboarding tasks are completed. The process is carried out independently by the new employee reducing the need for in-person instructions from a line manager or mentor. Apart from saving time for the HR department, our onboarding automation also ensures no important step is overlooked in the onboarding process.

How it works


Input employee details

The user undergoing the onboarding process enters their personal details to begin the onboarding process. The logic behind the tool acts as a virtual guide to the user that will take them through all the onboarding tasks step-by-step.


Complete onboarding

The tool ensures all the onboarding tasks are completed without the need for in-person intervention in the process. The tool easily integrates and communicates with common HR software ensuring a smooth onboarding process for the user.


Keep track

A summary containing all the onboarding tasks completed is sent to the new employee and the HR department. BRYTER’s customizable platform enables the HR department to amend the onboarding process when needed. A dashboard may be generated to have an overview of successful onboardings completed over a period of time.

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