Never lose a deal to legal

From price quotes and contracts to fulfillment and renewals, you can reduce complexity and accelerate deals with BRYTER’s digital contracting solution on Salesforce

Win with automated deal cycles

Accelerate your sales process

Provide a single point of access to the contract process so Sales can quickly go from request to signature, automating even amendments and renewals along the way.

Empower your Sales team

By giving Sales the power to build and negotiate their own contracts, without sacrificing adherence to legal guidelines, sales cycles accelerate, and less time is wasted on deal delaying back-and-forth.

Enjoy a fully embedded deal and contract lifecycle journey right in your Salesforce environment. Manage and quickly modify your sales and legal processes in BRYTER, then offer them in Salesforce.

Increase win rates, recognize revenue sooner

Long waits for Legal approval adds risk to your deals. Automating the creation, distribution, and execution of proposals and quotes, accelerates your deal cycles to realize revenue faster and win more.

Improve renewal rates

Proactively and automatically send renewal communications, deadlines, and contracts to your customers on time with the correct data to retain more of your customers.

Align your services in one digital place

BRYTER‘s no-code deal desk solution aligns legal, sales ops, and contract teams, simplifying the execution of contracting tasks, reducing time-consuming back-and-forth, and driving process improvement.

BRYTER augments and integrates with your existing CPQ and CRM process on Salesforce

For Deal Managers

BRYTER’s no-code deal management tools allows to orchestrate all contracting processes, intake requests, approvals and to keep on overview once it gets hectic.

For Legal Teams

Legal team can manage all contract requests, generate sales-related documents, utilized contract review playbooks and negotiate contracts. All in one place.

For Sales Reps

Sales reps can self-service on documents and contracts directly within Salesforce. All contract data is stored in the opportunity. Sales can start focus on seelling more and reduce the burden on legal.

No-code deal desk management

BRYTER deal desk drives business growth by aligning contracting and quoting process, teams, and technology under a no-code process and experience builder on top of Salesforce.

BRYTER Deal and Revenue Lifecycle Solution

Contract Revenue Lifecycle

Propose & Quote

Create & Execute

Manage & Fulfill

Renew & Expand


Automatically generate pricing for quotes, proposals, invoices, and renewals faster and more accurately.


Automatically generate error-free, on-brand documents and contracts for all use cases, pulling in accurate data from Salesforce.

Manage & Analyze

Manage incoming and ongoing requests and use contract data to drive continuous improvements to your processes.

Manage BRYTER Services Outside Salesforce

Keep admin and oversight tools right where the Legal team needs them the most

Quickly update templates and workflow logic without needing Salesforce administrators​

Build internal deal desk and matter management tools that update automatically ​

Data & Analytics

Analyze your data and make decisions.

  • Track all your data and contract information
  • Get actionable insights
  • Use customizable dashboards

Make your services self-service

Give your team the tools to scale their services.

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