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Employment Contract Generator

The Employment Contract Generator lets companies draft contracts efficiently using a Q&A based workflow. It enables HR teams to automatically generate an employment contract that is fully compliant with applicable laws and internal policies.

An Employment Contract Generator lets companies draft employment contracts efficiently using a Q&A based workflow. The tool enables HR departments to automatically generate an employment contract that is fully compliant with all applicable laws and the company’s internal policies. This process can easily be implemented in existing infrastructure so that generated agreements are automatically uploaded to the company’s contract management system and attached to the employee’s file.


HR departments have to manually draft a high volume of standard contracts such as offer letters, employment agreements or amendments and this takes up time that could be spent on value added work. As legal requirements for employment agreements vary based on location and type of employment, manually drafted contracts are prone to human error. Searching for documents becomes a burden when individuals create and save the documents on their desktops and have to manually upload these to a centralized database.

With BRYTER, HR departments can draft agreements in a fully automated process. The user is guided through a series of questions and based on these inputs, the modular logic selects the correct template and adjusts the document to comply with local laws and internal guidelines for the specific job level and role. To keep templates up to date, companies can store and update clauses and templates within the tool itself and adjust the underlying logic where needed. To create one source of truth, the tool can be integrated in existing infrastructure so that documents are always stored in the right place.


Automated & standardized

Using automation and modular logic, the Employment Contract Generator standardizes the contract creation for all types of employment agreements and ensures compliance with internal and legal requirements.

Faster execution

The Employment Contract Generator cuts down the time the HR department spends on generating standard contracts.


The Employment Contract Generator can easily be integrated in existing contract management systems and HR tools such as Workable, Prescreen or Greenhouse.

Highly customizable

As every application built on BRYTER is customizable, the Employment Contract Generator may reflect a company’s unique policies and local requirements.

How it works


Go through Q&A

Through a customizable and user-friendly questionnaire, all relevant employment and candidate data is collected. Using these inputs, the tool determines the applicable template and clauses based on information such as role and location of the employee.


Get the contract

A draft employment contract is generated and sent to the respective HR manager for approval. Via an integration with DocuSign, the contract is automatically sent for signing to the employee once approved. Once signed by both sides, the final version of the contract is automatically saved to the employee’s file in the company’s contract management system.


Keep up-to-date

Due to the open architecture of the BRYTER platform, the tool’s modular logic that triggers templates and clauses can easily be amended to ensure its compliance with internal guidelines and legal requirements.

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