Be more productive with AI Agents

Save time with AI Agents designed for Legal and Compliance: from replying to recurring questions and drafting email replies to research and audits.

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  • AI specifically developed for regulatory content like policies, regulations, laws and rulebooks. Our system understands industry-specific content and typical terms, abbreviations, structures and formatting.
  • High accuracy: our AI achieves top scores in benchmark tests against other vendors and generic AI assistants and chatbots.
  • You work with our Agents just like you would with a co-worker. No technical prompting is required.

AI Agents embedded where people work

  • BRYTER AI Agents are automatically available – no separate installation or roll-out needed by the Business.
  • Available at your fingertips in MS Teams, Slack, your Outlook or Gmail inbox or Excel.

Analytics and Reporting

  • Track everything for a complete picture: which parts of policies are read, request history and trends on topics and usage.
  • Set up alerts for high-risk areas: so your team gets notified immediately about critical issues.

AI safeguards to protect your organization

Our proprietary safeguards understand the context of your organization to ensure the AI meets your needs.

Applicability Safeguards

Safeguard Agents can be trained on your specific requirements like hierarchies, applicability of policies across entities or geos, or consistency and completeness of answers.

Context-aware prompts

Different contexts call for different answers: a personal email should feel different than a quick reply from a chatbot. We have done all the heavy lifting of prompt engineering so you don’t have to.

No Hallucinations

No AI should be able to make up its own answers, especially not in legal and compliance. Our proprietary AI bases its answers only on the information provided by you. If it doesn’t have enough information, it will say so.

Security and Privacy

We prioritize data privacy and security. BRYTER’s AI Agents uses OpenAI on our own Azure cloud hosted in the EU.

Your policies never leave our own cloud infrastructure on AWS and will not be used to train OpenAI language models.

We are SOC 2 Type II and ISO27001 certified.

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