Preventing Risk When No One Remembers Company Policy

Learn why traditional compliance tactics aren’t working — and how digital compliance tools can help.

What’s inside?

It’s an open secret: No one really remembers company policy, which leads to a massive risk of non-compliance. For example, 42% of employees don’t recall their company’s gift and hospitality policy, and another 27% don’t even remember completing finance compliance training (Gartner, 2022).

So, what can compliance teams do to mitigate risk beyond more of the same: training sessions, written policies, and reminder emails?

In this guide, we outline precisely why today’s approach to organizational compliance is falling short. Then, we look at the alternative — the proactive, digital approach to compliance — and show you how you can adopt it. By the end of the guide, you’ll have an idea of how you can start minimizing risk at scale, in a feasible, sustainable, and integrated way.

Download the report to learn:

  • Why traditional approaches to compliance aren’t working.
  • Top risks and blind spots of a training-based approach to compliance.
  • How to empower employees to share in the responsibility of compliance.
  • What a smarter, integrated, truly digital approach to compliance looks like.
  • How to gain clear, data-driven insight into the effectiveness of your compliance program.
  • How to save up to 90% of time spent fielding compliance inquiries.

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