Whistleblower Pipeline

Handle whistleblower complaints confidently

Whistleblower Pipeline

The Whistle-blower Pipeline enables companies to provide a safe and reliable reporting mechanism for its employees while also ensuring that companies comply with legal requirements to set up such a channel for whistle-blowing.

A Whistleblower Pipeline helps companies to collect, process and quickly respond to submissions of information regarding potential or suspected illegal behavior occurring within the organization. The tool enables employees to report suspected illegal activities in a confidential manner, without fear of retaliation, while also enabling companies to prevent loss of reputation, finances or both. The Whistleblower Pipeline can be built to fully comply with national whistleblower protection laws that will implement the new EU Whistleblower Protection Directive (2018/0106 (COD)). If desired, a report and dashboard may be generated to monitor and visualize key factors such as the locations of reported incidents, nature of violations (financial or otherwise), departments where violations occur frequently, etc.


Under the national laws that will transpose the EU Whistleblower Protection Directive, companies must establish internal channels and procedures for reporting and follow-up of whistleblower information. Such channels may also be open to volunteers, unpaid trainees and other persons mentioned in the EU Whistleblower Protection Directive.

With BRYTER, companies can build a tool which uses an interactive questionnaire to first assess if any relevant EU laws have been violated, and if yes, to then confidentially collect all the necessary information that is required to compile a whistleblower report. The user is guided through a series of questions, the answers to which will automatically generate a complete report. The modular logic of the application allows the questionnaire to be adopted to the user’s inputs in a scenario-based manner in order to cover a larger number of cases.


Automated & standardized

A Whistleblower Pipeline built on BRYTER will ensure that all whistleblowers will have a standardized process to internally report breaches and violations. The application will also enable the automated collection and compilation of reports without the need for human interaction.

Anonymity and 24/7 availability

The Whistleblower Pipeline can be made available to all concerned persons around the clock, such that they can lodge a report without the stigma of being identified. All the collected information can be processed confidentially to protect the whistleblower’s identity.

Centralized audit trail

Within the Whistleblower Pipeline, all relevant steps, inputs and assessments are tracked and anonymously documented in a centralized audit trail. This allows to prove and document compliant behavior.


The Whistleblower Pipeline can easily be integrated into an existing IT infrastructure and is available on all end devices.

Highly customizable

Every application built on BRYTER is customizable. The Whistleblower Pipeline may reflect your company’s unique policies and processes. The BRYTER Platform gives unparalleled opportunities for customization.

How it works


Collect information

Through a customizable, user-friendly and interactive questionnaire, all relevant information is collected and processed. It allows companies to collect information and compile reports of violations of EU law and to generate automated triaging of follow-up tasks and documentation.


Assess reports

A risk profile is generated from the inputs given by the whistleblower, flagging certain risks and providing recommendations for mitigation. The risk assessment can be intertwined with other processes (email, approvals, etc.) to streamline the mitigation efforts.


Mitigate risks

A dashboard enables the concerned person or department to keep track of incoming whistleblower reports and to drive mitigation efforts. This helps to hold risk owners accountable for follow-up efforts and deadlines.

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