Immigration Visa Process

Guide visa applicants through the complex application requirements and visa selection process

Visa Application Tool

An Immigration Visa Process is designed to guide visa applicants through the complex application requirements and visa selection process.

The interactive tool ensures a consistent approach in checking standard requirements against the information provided by an applicant minimizing the potential for human error. As the user inserts information about their person, heritage and reason for application, the tool automatically determines the corresponding visa category, e.g. work, study, family, settlement or visitor visa etc., and auto-populates the relating forms to streamline an otherwise burdensome application process. This not only saves time for applicants but also for government officials during the assessment, process and issuance of the final visa.

An Immigration Visa Process can also be integrated with identity verification software and government databases to run background checks, e.g. criminal background checks and immigration status checks, and to comply with international laws. In this way, the tool auto-assesses whether a provided travel document is valid for the required timeframe and whether any supporting documents are required at the time of application.


Visa applications and assessments are often complex and time-consuming processes that strain both applicants and government resources. The online documentation provided for applicants often doesn’t suffice to ensure that forms and supporting documents are filled in fully and correctly with regard to the appropriate visa type. This means that most applications still require lengthy manual checks to identify and correct any mistakes. An Immigration Visa Process makes the application process increasingly transparent as users are guided through an interactive questionnaire. The tool adapts to the user’s inputs and automatically assesses the correct visa type and required supporting documentation while checking provided user information against internal data sources to streamline the ID verification process and final eligibility assessment. The tool easily integrates into any government website and may be connected to government databases and verification software to simultaneously process background checks and identify risks faster. Leveraging BRYTER’s rule-based logic, our data privacy automation tool provides an individual risk profile for each applicant against custom risk criteria and auto-generates reports to track and process any identified red flags.

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Automated & Standardized

An Immigration Visa Process helps determine the correct visa type and all required information and supporting documentation. It ensures consistency, in accordance with local and international laws, in the way an application is processed, reviewed, amended and assessed.

Faster Execution

Governments save up to 60% of resources when reviewing applications, correcting mistakes and requesting missing documentation.


An Immigration Visa Process can be easily integrated with ID verification software and internal government databases.

24/7 Availability

An Immigration Visa Process can be accessed by applicants at any time.

Risk profiles

An Immigration Visa Process generates a custom risk score for each applicant against pre-determined risk criteria and helps trouble-shoot any identified risks.

How it works


Insert personal information

The user is guided through an interactive questionnaire which automatically determines the required information and documentation to process the application.


Assess eligibility

The rule-based logic of the tool auto-assesses the eligibility of the application against custom criteria and provides government officials with a full summary of the application and assessment to streamline the final decision. The tool may include sophisticated scoring to provide an overall risk rating for each application based on the Immigration Visa Process’ analysis.


Identify risks

An Immigration Visa Process integrates with internal databases and ID verification software to run background checks as the user provides their information. A dashboard tracks all visa applications and applicant risk scores and may be connected to internal notification systems to process identified risks faster.

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