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The General Counsel's Guide To No-Code


The General Counsel’s Guide to No-code

Find out how in-house legal teams use no-code to save time, increase capacity and provide faster services to internal clients.

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Digital transformation: the driver of businesses in all markets

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Digital Transformation
The CLOC EMEA Summit 2021
CLOC EMEA Summit 2021 In Review: Moving Legal from Cost Center to Value Add 

The CLOC (Corporate Legal Operations Consortium) events never disappoint, and this year’s annual CLOC EMEA...

Legal Ops & Innovation Roundtable
Virtual Roundtable: Legal Ops & Innovation

On Thursday, August 12, 2021, BRYTER held a roundtable on Legal Ops and Innovations that was organized...

Environment Sustainability and Governance (ESG) regulations
What is ESG disclosure regulation?

Environmental, social, and governance issues are becoming more important to financial organizations as a...

No code application development
Top 5 reasons to use a no-code app builder for app development

Using a no-code app builder for app development is growing in popularity, and for good reason...

Document Automation
How does document automation work?

Rapid change is happening within the legal profession, resulting in higher expectations and the need for...

Document Sign
5 ways legal workflow automation transforms legal departments

The legal department's importance in the workplace has increased rapidly over the past few years Legal can no...

Back to the office but still tied to our desks

Today, 19 July, has been dubbed ‘Freedom Day’, the day restrictions are lifted and many hope marks the...

Digital Legal Exchange Panel: General Counsel Challenges
Barriers and Building Blocks: Discussing General Counsel’s challenges today

As the upward pressure on legal teams’ workloads mounts, the downward pressure on budgets also grows,...

Captain No-Code
Captain No-Code at Legal Geek North America: Escaping Old Slowville

At this year’s Legal Geek North America event, the BRYTER team had support from none other than...

No-code or low-code?
Should I opt for a low-code or no-code platform?

As business professionals turn to no-code and low-code to build powerful apps and shorten time to value, the...

No-code for in-house teams
No-code for in-house legal teams: workflow automation

The core value of no-code is best seen in the way it enables business experts across the company to turn...

What is no-code
What is no-code?

There is more and more talk about the future of enterprise technology being no-code, self-service and...

How to find the integration that suits your needs

Integrations are great at increasing the power of your BRYTER service...

Why tech has the power to make or break your legal department

Legal departments are under rising pressure They need to deliver legal advice, facilitate legal operations...

In-house legal tech budgets to grow 200% by 2025

Gartner’s latest predictions focus on delivering value through technology and process innovation...

Hunter Gatherer
The modern legal hunter-gatherer’s dilemma

While an anathema to some in the legal profession, productization and commoditization of legal knowledge...

Key legal and compliance predictions in 2021

2021 represents a landmark year for automation, with innovation managers using the impetus of the...

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