Unlock your data potential with enhanced data management and visualization

Data is at the core of sophisticated applications on the BRYTER platform, underpinning nearly all of the most valuable use cases.

From approval processes to legal intake and document review, managing and visualizing data effectively is crucial.

In 2024, we’ve updated our data capabilities and want to help you make the best of them — whether that is about helping you easily structure and manage complex data sets or offering a better user experience for you, your users, and your stakeholders.

Visualize & interact with data

Our latest improvements make data interaction more intuitive and collaborative than ever before.

Detailed views for each record

In data-rich applications, records can encompass numerous attributes, sometimes extending to 300 columns with long text strings.

Our new detailed view feature allows you to navigate each record separately, ensuring easy access to the necessary information and facilitating actions directly within the data view.

Enhanced collaboration in Data Views

We’ve introduced several features to enhance collaboration:

Color Coding: Improve user experience with intuitive color coding, making it easier to distinguish and manage different records.

Editable Data Views: By default, DataViews are protected, but now you can make specific data views editable — allowing you to update information as needed, such as changing the status of requests or updating contract review rules.

Group By Functionality: This feature will help you navigate large data sets more efficiently.

Dropdown Selection: Simplify data updates with dropdown menus, enabling you to seamlessly update data in the required format.

Linking multiple relational databases

BRYTER now supports linking multiple relational databases, ensuring data synchronization across workflows.

For example, when a matter is closed, the corresponding open requests for a lawyer can be automatically updated. You can also synchronise matter data for all steps of complex approvals workflows.

This feature bridges the gap that many tools fail to address, maintaining data consistency and accuracy.

Store & manage data efficiently

Managing data changes is now simpler and more transparent with our new tools.

Data change tracker

BRYTER authors can now monitor and control changes across the database more effectively.

Whether changes originate from editable data views, the data management interface, modules, or the API, you will have a comprehensive view of the latest changes, helping you manage your application and users efficiently.

The change history is available for the last 15 days by default, with extensions available upon request.

Comprehensive data management

Our enhanced data management interface allows you to add, edit, and delete records easily.

Use the file import functionality to jumpstart your workflows, and implement updates by selecting data rows manually or in batches based on filters.

You can also now enable your end users to delete single records from databases as part of your workflows, keeping your databases up to date and removing any sensitive data once it’s no longer required.

Ready to experience enhanced data management?

To learn more about enhanced data management and how you can best utilize these new features, visit our help center or contact your Customer Success Manager.

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