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BRYTER Academy

We understand that technology is all around us and has become an integral part of our personal and professional lives. And we know it will continue to grow in importance. As a result, it must be a fundamental part of education. This is why we partner with universities to provide students with hands-on practical training through workshops that introduce them to the universe of no-code and give them access to our platform to create real digital services, such as document automation and data breach reporting. BRYTER Academy exists to bring the tech used by law firms and professional service providers right into the hands of students – a benefit not just to students, but to the professional service providers who have a high demand for employees skilled in building no-code digital products.  

In a session with the University of Manchester, BRYTER Academy enabled students at the Law School to turn their ideas into tangible digital products. Students got access to the BRYTER platform, training resources, certification, and a digital badge free of charge. As part of BRYTER Academy, students are eligible to become a certified BRYTER Engineer and obtain an official certificate. In addition, they’re invited to our quarterly hackathon with exclusive merch, rewards, and a fast track to an internship interview.

John Haskell, a Senior Lecturer at the University of Manchester, is the module leader for the Law Money and Technology and Co-Director of the Law and Technology Initiative (LaTI). This year the University of Manchester Law School partnered with BRYTER to provide 50 students with hands-on experience building with BRYTER.

In a world of constant innovation, I anticipate that BRYTER will be a fixture in the future of legal training.

John Haskell, Senior Lecturer at the University of Manchester

John told us that ”BRYTER Academy has become an important collaborator at the University of Manchester Law School. Together we rethink the way we train the next generation workforce at the intersection of law, money and technology. ‘With BRYTER Academy, students develop hands-on ‘no-code app-building skills working on real-world simulations while also gaining insights into the business of law.”

“Law firms and professional service providers want more from their future employees than black-letter legal training. They want employees who are curious – who constantly ask, “Is this the best way of doing this?” BRYTER Academy gives students the opportunity to see, and build for themselves, all that is possible when you introduce no-code technology to legal scenarios and workflows” comments Joanna Sidhu, our Director of Marketing. During an interactive workshop, our collaboration with the University of Manchester brings their knowledge and imagination to the test. As a no-code platform, BRYTER no-code app builder is incredibly easy to use – meaning that after a quick introduction to the platform the students can split into smaller groups and build digital solutions to modern legal problems.

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