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Benefit from AI in an easy, safe and secure way within the BRYTER Platform.

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Easily incorporate LLMs into your rule-based workflows

  • Integrate AI models into existing workflows rather than using siloed “playgrounds” like ChatGPT, or spending time configuring complex tools.
  • Mix rule-based logic and AI-based logic to meet the needs of your workflows.
  • Use our pre-configured AI to generate structured answers to trigger actions.

Fast, plug-and-play AI

  • BRYTER handles the AI configuration – defining the LLM model and where data is processed – meaning you can spend your time using AI rather than setting it up.
  • Leverage the BRYTER platform to test and publish your first AI application.

Safe, secure and compliant

  • We use the best LLM models with the ability to run them in the geography required for your data processing needs.
  • For each node you have the option to pseudonymise the data, effectively protecting any personal or company sensitive information.
  • Maintain full control by deciding when to rely on AI generated assessments and when to involve a “human-in-the-loop” or escalate to manual review.

Reliable AI for contract analysis and review

  • Rigorously trained and tested models ensure correct and consistent AI-generated results for legal and regulatory use cases.
  • Clause extraction, playbook comparison, categorization, classification and document summary functionalities included to support common contract analysis use cases.
  • Analyze contracts for risks arising from key obligations, or deviations from reference contracts. Analyse thousands of existing contracts in bulk.

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