Business reporting

Make disclosure and reporting obligations easier.

Automate reporting processes

Save time

Save time gathering data and generating reports. Enable colleagues to easily provide the information you need through self-services tools.

Manage disclosure

Check the information disclosed against industry specific requirements, ensuring compliance with reporting obligations.

Improve communications

Easily share information and report breaches. Avoid information silos and communicate effectively with stakeholders.

Everything you need to automate reporting

Automated & Standardized

Auto-assess your business against any disclosure regulation through a standardized process.

Document automation

Full doc assembly functionality. Easily create templates with the Microsoft Word Add-In and export in any format.

Increase transparency

Reports generated on BRYTER are fully tracked and can be revisited and changed in a database.

Easily accessible

Make business reporting available where your colleagues work by integrating with existing IT tools like SharePoint or Microsoft Teams.

Fully customizable

Tailor your reporting applications to reflect your company’s unique policies, processes and disclosure obligations.

Centralized audit trail

Manage, store and analyze all data provided, including uploaded documents and incident reports, in one centralized location.

Make your services self-service

Give your team the tools to scale their services.

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