Playbook software

Create a consistent approach to better manage risk.

Make it easier to follow playbooks

Build interactive apps

Turn static playbooks into interactive applications. Easily update and maintain according to changing risks and priorities.

Increase your capacity

Transform manual decision-making and risk scoring processes into actionable, digital solutions accessible 24/7.

Better manage risk

Share knowledge effectively through self-service apps. Avoid expertise silos and better manage risk.

Everything you need to automate playbooks

Easily accessible

Create a wide range of risk assessments in a fraction of the time, fully customised to each risk profile.

Fully customizable

Every playbook is customizable to reflect your company’s unique policies, processes and risk treatments.

Document generation

Full doc assembly functionality. Easily create templates with the Microsoft Word Add-In and export in any format.

Enterprise ready

Built for enterprises with SSO and role-based access, audit logs and bank grade security. ISO certified and GDPR compliant.

Data and analytics

Track usage and access powerful insights to take a data-driven approach to understanding risks and resourcing.

Automate and standardize

Build clear, consistent processes to assessing risk and taking decisions. Improve response and cycle times.

Make your services self-service

Give your team the tools to scale their services.

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