Risk management

Automate compliance processes, risk scoring and benchmarking.

Efficiently monitor and manage risk

Monitor risk factors

Identify potential risks and collect data through interactive self-service applications accessible 24/7.

Create powerful assessments

Integrate benchmarking into automated solutions to compare indicators against industry standards and benchmarks.

Tailor to your risk profile

Quickly and easily build your own risk management software, without programming skills, at a fraction of the cost. Go live in one click.

The essential toolkit for risk management

Risk scoring

Create a wide range of risk assessments in a fraction of the time, fully customised to each risk profile.


Create a baseline of data which can be regularly reviewed and compared to find areas for improvement and define KPIs.

Easily build and maintain

Empower your team to build and maintain comprehensive (weighted) scoring models and integrate them into existing processes.

Improve risk mitigation

Create the right processes and metrics to identify risks, create mitigation strategies and improve performance.

Easily accessible

Easily integrate with existing IT infrastructure, such as SharePoint or Microsoft Teams for ease of access.

Data and analytics

Track usage and access powerful insights to take a data-driven approach to risk management

Make your services self-service

Give your team the tools to scale their services.

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