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What’s Keeping Your GC Clients Up at Night?

Learn how law firms can stay competitive and meet the needs of top GCs

Law firms must always be evolving to attract and retain top clients in today’s market. For our new report, we surveyed 100 GCs from across the Fortune 500 to find out how their needs are changing — What do they care about the most right now? What solutions have they already explored? What are the best ways that law firms can address their needs?

Watch as leaders from Ashurst, KPMG Law, Simmons & Simmons, and BRYTER discuss the findings of the report and share how law firms are already innovating to better serve their corporate legal clients.

Watch this session to learn:

  • The #1 challenge shared by over 69% of all GCs.
  • The top opportunities GCs identified for improving efficiency in their departments — and how law firms can help.
  • Real examples of how top firms like Ashurst, KPMG Law, and Simmons & Simmons are meeting GCs’ current challenges with bespoke digital solutions.

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