🌐 How AI Can Make Legal Knowledge More Accessible

Online July 25, 2024, 12 PM EST / 5 PM BST

In law firms, legal knowledge is hidden within the hundreds of PDFs shelved and hard to find in Sharepoint or OneDrive.

Not only does this make it hard for lawyers to find and access information, but it also means it takes longer for clients to get answers to their questions.

The result? Non-billable hours for your law firm, and a less than ideal service for your clients.

Can legal AI help?

In our latest webinar, we’ll show you how legal AI can turn dead PDFs into something valuable for clients, how you can benefit from AI in a controlled way, and how it can give you the insight needed to take action proactively.

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  • Why making legal knowledge more accessible is good for your practice area
  • How you can benefit from AI in a controlled way, without associated risk
  • Why AI can help you improve client service
  • How AI can help you win more client work
  • How you can easily turn legal expertise into a client-facing interactive tool


  • Max Paterson, Managing Director – US, BRYTER

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