🌐 Why getting Gifts and Entertainment right matters

Online June 6, 2024, 12 PM EST / 5 PM BST

Compliance professionals spend too much time dealing with gifts and entertainment. Back-and-forth emails. Spreadsheets. Manual audit logs.

Not only is the entire process inefficient, it poses significant risk to businesses that are unable to accurately audit all activity.

You also spend less time on work that matters, and create a transactional relationship with the business that diminishes your ability to establish a genuine culture of compliance.

So, what’s the solution?

In our latest webinar, we’re speaking to Dell Technologies’ former Head of Compliance Yolanda van Wyk and Consilio to learn how automation can lower risk and make the gifts and entertainment process more efficient.

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  • Why gifts and entertainment compliance matters more than ever
  • The inside view: former Head of Compliance at Dell Technologies, Yolanda van Wyk shares how enterprises are looking at managing gifts and entertainment
  • How leading organizations are using automation and AI to better manage G+E risk
  • How better managing gifts and entertainment can create a healthy culture of compliance


  • Matthew Darvell-Wright, VP Sales, BRYTER
  • Jamie Goldrich, VP, Legal Operations Advisory, Consilio
  • Yolanda van Wyk, Director of Consulting and former Head of Compliance at Dell Technologies, Consilio
  • Bartu Gundogdu, Senior Associate, Consilio

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