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Automation Must Be Hands-On πŸ™Œ 

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Welcome to another edition of the BRYTER Outlook, your monthly dose of real-life stories, trends, news, and events from the world of legal automation. 

Automation is about working smarter β€” not taking your hands off the wheel. This month, we’re looking at the hands-on approach. From global law firm Ashurst tackling legal professional privilege, to moving M&A deals forward with workflow automation, we go back to the BRYTER basics – keeping things real and concrete through firsthand automation experience.

This month’s edition:

  • πŸ€– Build your own Data Breach Reporting Assistant in 30 minutes
  • πŸ—½Take automation for a test drive at Legalweek New York
  • πŸ› οΈHow Ashurst automated routine legal requests for clients
  • 🍸It’s time for another round at the BRYTER Building Bar!
  • ⏩Speed up your M&A processes through workflow automation

Build your own Data Breach Reporting Assistant in 30 minutes

According to the 2021 EY Law Survey, 65% of General Counsel lack the data and tools to respond to a data breach effectively. Manual efforts and Excel-based solutions don’t scale and so leave companies exposed to high risk. So, this week, we look at ways workflow automation helps alleviate data breach risks.

On Wednesday, March 2, we will be running another live session to show how workflow automation helps companies automatically identify, assess risk from, manage, and report on data breaches.

Take automation for a test drive at Legalweek  

Legalweek is back in-person and the BRYTER team is in attendance! From March 8-11, we will be running live demos, interactive building workshops, and panel discussions on legal technology and its real-life uses. Stop by to say hi and get the taste of workflow automation firsthand. And a drink on us!

Check out the details and book your spot:


How Ashurst automated routine legal requests for clients

Legal professional privilege is the most common question hurled at litigators, so Ashurst used BRYTER to build a tool that helps their clients quickly check the course of action for each request.

It’s time for another round at the BRYTER Building Bar

Spring cleaning can be fun! Join us on 30 March in London for an interactive building session at the BRYTER Building Bar, followed by drinks and networking, and see for yourself.

Whether you want to tidy up some of your day-to-day tasks and processes or want to delve deeper into automating workflows across multiple departments, this is a perfect chance to try no-code firsthand.

Speed up your M&A processes through workflow automation   

Merger and acquisition activity hit a record high in 2021. Many of these deals miss crucial deadlines and even fail due to a lack of efficiency and collaboration between counsel. In this article, we explore core challenges with the M&A process and look at how technology can turn these inefficiencies into a win-win scenario.

Catch BRYTER in person 
Want to see the power of workflow automation in practice? Check the upcoming events where you can try out BRYTER no-code tools for yourself.

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