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Welcome to another edition of BRYTER TIMES, your monthly dose of real-life stories, trends, news, and events from the world of legal automation.

This month, we talk about love. Corporates rely so much on Legal’s guidance, so why doesn’t Legal get the love it deserves? The legal department is often seen as slowing down processes or not being aligned with business priorities β€” but it doesn’t need to be this way. This edition is all about how Legal is changing its reputation from bottleneck to business enabler.

This month’s edition:

  • πŸ’˜ Legal Operations as the corporate Cupid
  • πŸ’™ Webinar: Can the business love Legal? The experts weigh in
  • 🏡️ Accolades for Bird & Bird’s BRYTER-powered app
  • 🎯 Repapering, aced: Addleshaw Goddard solves Virgin Money’s LIBOR toil
  • ✨ Let’s get together: See the BRYTER magic in person this June
  • 😍 Now you can try BRYTER for free
  • 🍭Updates, galore: More to love about BRYTER

Legal Ops: The Cupid of the business

β€œSourcing love for the legal team is simple when it’s approached in the right way. It’s about giving the business what they need quickly, easily, and without tons of back-and-forth.”

In his piece for the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium, our CEO Michael Grupp weighs in on how Legal Ops can help Legal find love from the business, because a better reputation leads to tangible benefits like better engagement with the legal department, better alignment with business priorities, and reduced legal risk for all involved.


Can the business love Legal? GCs, COOs and Legal Ops experts weigh in 

Legal is often seen as a barrier rather than a business partner – and we’re here to change that!

Join us on Wednesday, June 15, for a webinar hosted by Mark Cohen of Legal Mosaic and the Digital Legal Exchange, with in-house counsel and Legal Ops professionals on how to build a better reputation and improve engagement with the business.

The panel includes:

  • Mark Smolik, General Counsel at DHL Supply
  • Christine Nilsen, General Counsel at Cognite
  • Thomas Barothy, Former COO, Group Legal, UBS
  • Michael Grupp, BRYTER CEO and Founder

Love and accolades for Bird & Bird’s BRYTER-powered app
Embrace legal tech – and awards will come! We’re excited to share that international law firm Bird & Bird has won the prestigious Future of Legal Services Large Practice Award at the 2022 Legal Innovation Awards for their SCC Generator built on BRYTER! πŸ₯‚

The SCC Generator saves counsel’s time by fully automating standardized repetitive data transfer agreements. This way, organizations can quickly ensure full compliance with the revamped EU regulatory landscape.

*From left to right: Gabriel Voisin, Partner, and Louise Hutt, Associate, in the Privacy and Data Protection practice at Bird & Bird; Sam Spivack, Managing Director of Legal Partnerships at BRYTER.

Addleshaw Goddard solves Virgin Money’s LIBOR toil

With approximately 4,000 commercial loans to review and 2,500 to amend, update, and send to customers for approval, Virgin Money enlisted Addleshaw Goddard to make LIBOR repapering smooth, on time, and under budget. Here’s how they did it through BRYTER-powered automation.

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BRYTER Building Bar | June 16 | NYC

To really feel the power of legal automation, you need to see it. That’s why we’ve taken the Building Bar on tourβ€”next stop, NYC and you’re invited. See you there!

Legal Ops Konferenz | June 22 | Cologne

Legal Ops and tech vendors now have a new place to meet! JUVE, the leading law magazine in Germany launches the event for industry leaders in the region.

CLOC Benelux & DACH | June 14 | Amsterdam

Join our programming session at the CLOC Benelux and DACH joint event and experience the power of legal automation first-hand.

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Updates, galore: More to love about BRYTER

This May, we’ve brought plenty of new updates and features to BRYTER builders, including:

Welcome to no-code automation

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