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Welcome to another edition of BRYTER TIMES, your monthly dose of real-life stories, trends, news, and events from the world of legal automation.

This month, we look at how tech can be put to good use
β€” whether to help those in need get legal assistance, protect an organization’s data, or innovate to meet the ever-changing needs of the business.

This month’s edition:

  • πŸ’Ό BRYTER partners with DLA Piper to drive radical change
  • πŸ’Ύ Learn the #1 risk ranked by compliance teams in our report with Compliance Week
  • 🀝 Tech for good: How AsyLex helps deliver legal assistance digitally
  • πŸŽͺ  See the power of automation first-hand in a city near you
  • πŸ€–  Legal workflow automation 101: Everything you need to know

BRYTER and DLA Piper partner to equip the lawyer of the future

The future of legal is already here! And that’s why we’re excited to share that we’ve partnered with global law firm DLA Piper as they continue to work on evolving what’s been traditionally expected of a law firm to deliver innovative solutions to their clients, while equipping the lawyer of the future.  

DLA Piper has already gone live with a Diversity and Inclusion index, a BRYTER-powered tool that helps organizations identify areas of focus for the social aspects within their ESG framework and get benchmarks in minutes.

Compliance Week x BRYTER: Learn the #1 risk compliance teams face

While most organizations have company-wide information on data protection available on their intranet, 78% ofcompliance and data privacy officers still get pinged via phone, email and messages for that information. And only 20% of them are confident they have the right tools to manage a data breach effectively.

In our new report done with the Compliance Week, we look at data privacy protection across corporates, exploring key risks and ways to manage them, from choosing the right tech to educating at scale.

Meet us in a city near you!

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See BRYTER in action and learn why Legal Ops professionals are turning to no-code to automate complex workflows.

Meet BRYTER at the UK’s leading in-house legal event. Find out how GC and heads of legal operations use BRYTER to facilitate their workflows.

Let’s connect at the Association of Corporate Counsel’s annual conference for fresh perspectives on in-house counsel.

Legal tech for good: How AsyLex delivers legal assistance digitally 

Swiss Legal nonprofit AsyLex has helped thousands of people get timely legal assistance and advice in times of dire need. 

Starting in August 2021 by helping those fleeing Kabul, the team is now working to help refugees from Ukraine, using legal tech to build tools that provide critical legal information and up-to-date visa assistance to asylum seekers.

Legal workflow automation 101: Everything you need to know

In-house legal is expected to act as a corporate’s strategic partner, by driving value and enabling returns on investments, like all other business units. And to adapt to this evolving role, legal teams are turning to automation.

In this piece, we outline what legal workflow automation is, and how teams are using it to move faster, adapt to increasing workload, minimize risk, and meet the needs of the business.

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