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Each month when we sit down to write this newsletter, it’s amazing to see how much has happened in just a few weeks. Once again, there have been so many developments in the legal world β€” roles are evolving, law schools are futurizing their curriculums, and more major news outlets are talking about legal transformation. Luckily, we see too much of this news as a #GoodProblem and we’ve kept up on all of it so we can share just the must-knows with you, as always. 

In this edition: 

  • 🧠 We need to talk about Knowledge Management teams 
  • 🏫 Legal engineering enters law school curriculums
  • πŸŽ‰ Financial Times names BRYTER the Leading Legal Tech Company
  • 🀝 Let’s meet up! Where to catch us in-person and online
  • βš–οΈ Determining what legal work can (and can’t) be automated
  • πŸ… Financial Times awards Champions of Legal Transformation, including our CEO
  • πŸ“„ BRYTER feature update: Easier report generation is here!  
We need to talk about Knowledge Management

Join us on Wednesday, December 7 for a frank discussion about KM

Let’s be honest: Knowledge Management is not what it used to be. Once considered internal librarians, the department has transformed over time into the Swiss Army Knife of the firm, managing overall efficiency, technology, digitization, operations, and more.

We’re so excited to host Nikki Shaver for a direct, honest conversation about the evolving importance of KM and what the future of the function looks like. We’ll also be taking your questions, so be sure to join us live!


EBS University

EBS University adds legal engineering to its curriculum

Last month, we shared how legal engineers are shaping the future of law. So naturally, top law schools around the globe have started exploring adding legal engineering into their curriculums. EBS University recently announced that they will begin offering a legal engineering course in 2023, with the support of BRYTER.

We love seeing these schools embracing legal engineering and preparing law students for tech-enabled careers! 

Financial Times: BRYTER is the leading legal technology company

Financial Times names BRYTER the Leading Legal Technology Company

This month, the Financial Times released its Accelerating Business Report, and we are excited to share that they have named BRYTER as the Leading Legal Technology Company. The report comes after months of research led by RSGI Consulting and interviews with legal departments and law firms around the globe, of which many, it turns out, are happy users of BRYTER. πŸ’™ 
We love legal, and it’s our mission to make legal work more fulfilling and rewarding for everyone in the industry, so this recognition means a lot to us, especially as it’s the result of conversations with our customers.

Don’t miss us at these events in the US, France, and online

Meet us online or in a city near you. Click here to view our full events line-up.

Consero Compliance

Corporate Compliance & Ethics Forum
December 11-13, Miami

The global marketplace has never been more complex, and the compliance and ethics function has never been more demanding. Join heads of corporate compliance in Miami to discuss their most pressing topics.

Building Bar

The BRYTER Building Bar
December 14, online

This is your chance to get hands-on with our no-code legal development platform! In 60 minutes, you’ll build your own legal intake tool and have the opportunity to ask the BRYTER team any questions you have about legal automation.

Sommet du Droit

Sommet du Droit
January 25, Paris

Organized by the Leaders League group, the Sommet du Droit brings together more than 900 decision-makers from the legal world each year to discuss and share their experiences on current and future challenges for the legal profession.

A 6-step process to identify which legal tasks you should automate

A 6-step process to identify which legal tasks you should automate

Most legal and compliance professionals face pressure to innovate, save money, and operate at the speed of the rest of the business. Automation can address all these pressures, but teams often struggle to figure out where to get started. 
Our Head of Business Consulting has worked closely with organizations of all sizes and has shared her proven approach to identifying high-value opportunities for automation.  
As she puts it, β€œAutomation isn’t the answer to every problem, but the approach I’ve outlined will help you identify where your work processes can be optimized and where automation can help you work smarter and meet the needs of your business.”


Read the article

Financial Times Changemaker Michael Grupp

Financial Times declares 5 Champions of Legal Transformation 

Our CEO, Michael Grupp, has been named Changemaker by the Financial Times for the impact BRYTER has had on helping legal teams serve the business better. 
We want to also congratulate the other Changemakers named: Electra Japonas, CEO and Founder of The Law Boutique, Aine Lyons, Senior VP and Deputy GC at VMware, Shahzad Bashir, Founder and Chief Executive at Morae Global, and Paul Lanzone, Executive VP, Enterprise Legal Services at UnitedLex!

Read the report

Data collections in documents

BRYTER feature update: Easier report generation is here!

Document generation in BRYTER continues to get more powerful. Now, you can easily generate reports from Data Collections, and display all your data in neat rows and tables of variable length. As usual, you can make use of all your table styles, and we’ll preserve them all in your final reports.

Learn more about document generation in BRYTER

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