Business Service

Business Services

Most of our customers are implementing BRYTER modules as part of their professional strategies. Our teams assist during every step via professional consulting and support services.

To support our customers, we provide a broad array of different business services that can be booked, planned and organised for each customer individually. Some of the business services are provided through trusted partners.

BRYTER offers and supports the following business services:

  • Training and mentoring of BRYTER users and development teams
  • Conducting workshops and ideation sessions
  • Facilitating design challenges and rapid prototyping
  • Developing and delivering on a feature request
  • Conducting quality checks and assurances
  • Supporting and building integration services
  • Providing templates for BRYTER Modules
  • Performing professional services analytics
  • Training and utilizing of legal engineering capacities
  • Providing a Building as a Service offering
  • Enabling document automaton through bespoke service offerings
  • Helping business development teams to scope digital products

If you are interested in one of the above service offerings, please get in touch with our business service team.

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