Document Service

Document Service

We know that documents are at the core of regulatory professionals – so we provide professional support in analytics, automation and management of documents at scale.

For clients who want to automate a bulk of documents or processes involving documents, BRYTER offers a special “Document Service”.

This service includes an end-to-end solution that allows automating documents at a large scale for minimal time and cost. Our experienced team of Document Solution Architects can deliver on a project in a very short timeframe and offer the following services:

  • Ideation and scoping of a specific document or document-based project
  • Content and logic setup
  • Providing templates, clauses and best practices
  • User testing and feedback gathering
  • Rapid prototyping and data flow mapping
  • End-to-end building service
  • Quality checks and assurances
  • Tool and flow improvements
  • Frontend development and embedding
  • Integration services

This service can also be used as a “learning on the job” concept. The service is ideal to upskill your own staff during a project and enable them to continue with the project independently. After the initial building, our team can take over the ongoing maintenance and updates.

If you are interested in our Document Service, please get in touch with our Business Services Team to get more information and to get your document automation project done.

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