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Enterprise IT


No-code decision automation, modelling and execution

The BRYTER platform provides a web-based no-code editor that enables business users to automate decisions and workflows. BRYTER gives you a safe environment for enterprise-wide automation.

No-code editor
Web-based no-code editor

BRYTER authors use the built-in zero-installation no-code editor to automate decisions and workflows. Set up SAML 2.0 single sign-on, and you’re good to go.

Data storage
Integrated data storage

The BRYTER platform includes built-in databases whose simple web-based configuration frees authors from storing critical data in unstructured spreadsheets.

Production environment
Managed staging and production environments

BRYTER provides separate testing and live environments, and built-in version control, so authors can safely make changes. Authors can also invite collaborators to share maintenance work.


Documentation, APIs & SDK

Extensibility that lets you integrate BRYTER with any API

Developers connect no-code service implementations to the enterprise IT landscape’s exsting IT systems. Integrate no-code services with web services to get the best of both worlds.

BRYTER services
Embedded BRYTER services

Embed BRYTER modules into any existing web page in an HTML iframe to leverage no-code authoring services within existing applications, on a public Internet or corporate intranet web site.

Software development
Software development kit

Use the integrations SDK’s documentation and software libraries to build your own BRYTER integrations that run on BRYTER’s managed serverless platform.

Data integration
Data integration

Use database integrations to connect BRYTER to built-in or external databases. Integrating BRYTER with your business’ data helps you avoid data duplication with other systems.


Deployment & Hosting

Managed hosting for no-code service implementations

BRYTER takes care of deployment and hosting so you don’t have to, while offering the flexibility to choose between hosting providers and locations, to satisfy your organization’s requirements.

Cloud Hosting
Scalable cloud hosting

BRYTER deploys to the cloud, with hosting locations in the European Union or the United States. Customers choose between multi-tenant BRYTER Cloud or dedicated BRYTER Managed Private Cloud hosting.

Flexible multi-cloud deployment

BRYTER Cloud multi-tenant deployment offers a choice between Amazon Web Services, with a custom subdomain to access your own tenant.

Private Cloud
BRYTER Managed Private Cloud

BRYTER Managed Private Cloud provides additional flexibility and security options. Choose any supported worldwide hosting location, and IP-range or VPN access control.

Trust and security

Trust and Security

We innovate to bring you best-in-class security and keep your trust

BRYTER leads with a security-first mindset. We protect your data with encryption following ISO information security management standards and regulations.

Data protection
Data protection

BRYTER conducts regular data audits, penetration tests and information security assessments in order to maintain and even further improve its data security standards.


BRYTER has obtained certifications such as ISO 27001 and GDPR to meet your enterprise compliance needs – trust that your data remain secure and compliant.


We are committed to privacy and protecting your data. We use AWS security groups and AWS network access control lists to limit traffic between database and application servers.

Service automation for enterprise IT

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