Nobody Loves Compliance Training

This eBook will show you how AI will help you navigate critical issues in compliance training and create a culture of compliance.

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What’s inside?

Compliance training eBook - what's inside

Seven years ago, Google’s Lazlo Bock revealed a telling statistic: 90% of corporate training is ineffective. Meanwhile, Gallup found that fewer than one in four employees (23%) rate compliance training as “excellent.”

The truth is, though compliance training is a regulatory requirement in many industries, compliance training isn’t working.

In this eBook, we address this critical compliance challenge.

Based on deep analysis of research from Gartner, Gallup, and more, as well as conversations with hundreds of compliance leaders, we look to identify the core issues, assess how compliance training has evolved, and discuss how AI and automation will change how we approach compliance training.

Download the report to learn:

  • The core issues in compliance training
  • The evolution of compliance training
  • How AI will improve compliance education and knowledge retention
  • Why AI will help to strengthen a culture of compliance

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