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Get instant, accurate answers to compliance questions with Policy AI

Make compliance knowledge accessible

Upload policies or regulations, run pre-trained AI, get answers.

Save time answering questions

Policy AI empowers employees to get instant answers to all their questions, anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Proactively manage risk

Identify risk areas before incidents occur. Track where questions come from, identify policy gaps and inconsistencies and proactively manage risk.

Prove your policies are understood

Policy AI shows you which parts of your policies are read and tracks all activity automatically – making it easier to prepare reporting and audits.

Trusted globally

AI for Compliance

  • Our proprietary AI algorithm is configured to meet the needs of Compliance teams out of the box. 
  • It understands the compliance context and generates answers based on your policies – without hallucinations.
  • All answers are fully referenced making it easy to verify.

Software embedded where you work

  • You don’t need to roll out another tool to the Business.
  • Our tool works automatically – enable it in MS Teams or Slack, or in your Outlook or Gmail inbox.

Analytics and reporting

  • Track everything for a complete picture: which parts of policies are read, request history and trends on topics and usage.
  • Set up alerts for high-risk areas so your team gets notified immediately about critical issues.

AI Safeguard Agents

Proprietary Safeguard Agents understand the context of your organization to ensure the AI meets your specific needs.

Risk Agent

Alerts you to behaviour you have classified as high risk


  • Harmful topics
  • Critical keywords

Applicability Agent

Understands the hierarchy and applicability rules of your policies


  • Types of compliance documents
  • Levels of documents
  • Company entities
  • Operating countries and departments

Context Agent

Understands the conventions used in your organization


  • Abbreviations
  • Conventions
  • Countries
  • Legal entities

Consistency Agent

Ensures certain questions always get the same pre-defined answer


  • Pre-defined information
  • Questions and answers that need to be identical.

Safe and secure AI

We prioritize data privacy and security. BRYTER Policy AI uses OpenAI on our own Azure cloud hosted in the EU.

Your policies never leave our own cloud infrastructure on AWS and will not be used to train OpenAI language models.

Frequently asked

How does your AI work?

It works by ingesting your policy content into our proprietary system and then sending parts that are relevant to the question to our AI model in the cloud.

What AI does your solution use?

It uses OpenAI on our own Azure cloud hosted in the EU combined with our own proprietary technology that—among other things—prevents the AI from making up responses to questions it does not know the answer to.

How does it all stay confidential?

Your policies never leave our own cloud infrastructure on AWS which we have all relevant security certifications for including SOC 2 Type II and ISO27001. All data is stored on our AWS infrastructure, and we only ever send data from AWS to Azure that directly relates to a question. Nothing is stored on Azure.

Can we build this ourselves using OpenAI if you are using standard models?

We have developed our own proprietary technology on top of OpenAI’s models which is embedded into a full product offering. With BRYTER Policy AI you will have access to AI fine tuned to compliance use cases and policy content that is part of a productivity suite for compliance professionals.

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